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Capillus 272

Capillus Hairlines

As a world renowned hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Robert Leonard believes in offering solutions that are proven safe and effective. He utilizes the latest in low level laser therapy with the FDA cleared Capillus272™ device, offering patients a non-surgical option to strengthen their hair and promote regrowth from the comfort of their own home. During your consultation, Dr. Leonard will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your candidacy for the Capillus272™ and walk you through the treatment process.

How Does the Capillus272™ Work?

The Capillus272™ has 272 diode lasers, which is more than any other at-home device for hair loss, making it one of the most effective low level laser treatments available. It covers a large portion of your scalp, and is designed to provide you with superior hair restoration results. The advanced treatment is ideal for both men and women who have thinning hair and are looking for a convenient solution.

The innovative device fits discreetly under a baseball hat and has a portable battery pack, allowing you to undergo a treatment anywhere you want. Typically, patients are recommended to undergo the treatment for 30 minutes every other day to achieve optimal hair restoration results. During each treatment session, low level laser light energy stimulates your hair follicles to revive and thicken your thinning hair. It has been proven in many patients to stop hair loss and restore hair volume.


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