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The ARTAS Robot Transplant Day

ARTAS Robot Transplant Day!

Prior to this day, Dr. Matthew Lopresti discussed with me his surgical plan and such as where my new hairline would be placed and its design.  Photos were taken and my donor area was further trimmed.  I was escorted into the procedure room by our terrific team members and was seated in the ARTAS Robotic System chair that I affectionately call the “chariot” where local anesthetic was administered to the donor area.

IMG_2065Once in the chariot, I was reminded that I should not move during the robotic harvesting directed by Dr. Lopresti.  If the patient should move, everything stops (as a built in safety mechanism), but this slows the procedure down significantly.  All of the grafts were extracted and then a small bandage was applied to the back of my head.

I must say, the pre-operative medication did the trick because the next thing I knew, the harvesting was complete and I was being escorted back into the graft placement room!  I do remember speaking to everyone during the harvesting, but I have to admit that I didn’t feel any discomfort at all…

I was given lunch, a movie to watch, and the recipient areas were numbed.  Dr. Lopresti made all of the incisions according to our agreed plan and then our team placed the grafts.  At the completion of my procedure, I was given all of the post-operative instructions and information and was driven home with the small bandage taped to the donor area. An appointment was scheduled for me to come in the next day for a shampoo and laser therapy treatment.