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Dr. Lopresti is a cool, laid back guy. He’s about my age, and really understood exactly what I was going through.

Stephen Gostkowski
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Less Hair…Now What? The Final Answer is the Capillus272 Laser Device

Dr. Lopresti and I at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates work very diligently to take excellent care of our patients.  We investigate new and effective devices, and products to better serve the best interests of our precious patients.  We both are blessed to have the education, experience, and ethics to do this for those seeking our medical care.

We offer the Capillus272 PRO, which in our opinion, provides excellent stabilization of hair loss coupled with re-growth potential of miniaturized follicles seen as shedding of hair and, consequently, a continued thinning head of hair in our patients.  It is critical—truly really important—that, if you notice that the thickness of your hair is less than it used to be, that you DO something about it NOW.  Examples of this are a more see-through look, a thinner ponytail, more hairs in the drain, in your comb or brush, and on your clothing coupled with more difficulty in styling your hair the way you want to because there just is not enough hair anymore.

Capillus manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida.

Capillus manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida.

The Capillus272 PRO laser device is a dome that contains 272 laser diodes, which is worn within a baseball cap or other hat in the privacy and comfort of your home or while commuting (or wherever) for a half hour every other day.  It’s that simple!

In fact, Dr. Lopresti and I (along with members of our families) use this effective treatment to prevent further progression of our continued thinning hair.

We have offered low level laser therapy at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates for the last 20 years.  Four years ago, we converted our office-based laser therapy program to the convenient home-use Capillus272 PRO program.  Patients, including myself, greatly appreciate the convenience and ease-of-use of this excellent FDA-cleared hair loss treatment.

If you are noticing more of your hair shedding or that it is thinner than it used to be, remember that, after 50% of your hair has already fallen, is when you even to begin to that it is even thinning. Realistically that means that NOW it is necessary to get this under control with medically proven therapies!

If you don’t do anything to properly treat your progressive hair loss right away, then you will lose more hair; there is no medical doubt about that…and, since it’s easier to keep what you have than it is to re-grow what you have already lost, sooner rather than later treatment is necessary.

Contact us at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates treat your hair loss.

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon