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Could Dandruff and Dry Skin Accelerate Hair Loss?

ProductWell, it depends upon what causes the dandruff.  We have always recommended to patients that they shampoo their hair every day.  We have gotten shocked responses about this from many of them who believed that daily hair washing would cause their hair to fall out faster.  That is not the case. We created the Copper Chemist line of hair care products that do not contain sulfates, parabens, or phthalates, all of which are not good for your hair health, for daily scalp cleaning.

There are epidermal cells on the scalp that are “kept in place” from an oily substance secreted by glands among the hair follicles called sebum; a buildup of these cells occurs if they are not regularly removed through the process of shampooing.  This is the most common cause of “dandruff.” This buildup is not healthy for the scalp or for the hair follicles. A far less common cause of dandruff can be caused by a fungal infection, which can be treated with a topical medication.

It is important to use hair care products that thoroughly cleanse the scalp of cellular debris and sebum; however, this issue does not cause follicles to become clogged and lead to thinning hair. A healthier follicle allows for the development of a healthier hair fiber.

So, daily hair and scalp washing is the best protocol to keep your hair and follicles healthy.  If you are concerned about your hair “drying out,” then daily conditioner use is most appropriate after shampooing.