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"Dr. Lopresti is great. We both have young kids, similar interests, are both into sports, taking care of ourselves and being the best people we can be."

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Dr. Leonard Curriculum Vitae

Name: Robert Thomas Leonard, Jr., D.O.
Date of Birth: April 17, 1959
Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Office Address: 1400 Centre Street, Suite 108. Newton Centre, MA 02459
Office Phone: (617) 965-7400
Office Fax: (617) 965-3179
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.hairdr.com

University of New Hampshire, B.A. Zoology, 1981
Medical School:
University of New England, D.O., 1986

Metropolitan General Hospital, 1987
Parkview Hospital, Family Practice, Toledo, Ohio 1988
Dr. C. P. Chambers, Chambers Hair Institute, Hair Transplant Surgery

– International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
– American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Rome Award for Ethics in Hair Restoration Surgery
– Italian Society of Hair Restoration

Peak Award for Achievements in Hair Restoration Surgical Techniques & State-of-the-Art       Technologies
– Italian Society of Hair Restoration

Milestone Award for Ethics in Hair Restoration Surgery
– Italian Society of Hair Restoration

International Archimedes Award for Excellence in the Field of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Italian Society of Hair Restoration

Certified FotoFacial RF™ Practitioner for Photo-rejuvenation & Hair Removal
– Italian Society of Hair Restoration

Continue Medical Education Award, 2009-2012
– International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Diplomate in Hair Restoration Surgery 1997
– Re-examined as Diplomate in Hair Restoration Surgery 2007
– Re-examined as Diplomatein Hair Restoration Surgery 2017

American Osteopathic Board of Family Practice
–    Board Certification in Family Practice 1989

-Florida -1987, Maine -1988, Massachusetts -1988, Rhode Island -1989,
Connecticut -1995

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
– Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Dermatology

– Roger Williams General Hospital, Department of Medicine
– Rhode Island Hospital, Department of Medicine
– South County Hospital, Department of Surgery, Hair Restoration Surgery

State of Rhode Island
– Secretary, Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline 1991-1999
– Chairman, Osteopathic Medical Licensure Committee 1991-1999

Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States
– Fellow

University of New England
– Board of Trustees, 2007 – 2017
– Board of Trustees, 1991-1997
– Clinical Associate Professor of Family Practice and Dermatology

Journal of Laser Therapeutics, March 2007
– “The Current Role of Laser/Light Sources in the Treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss”

Hair Transplantation, 4th Edition, 2004: by Unger & Shapiro
– Chapter author: “Patient Expectations,” “Surgical options based on age, ethnicity, and sex”

Dermatologic Surgery, October 2002
– “The Potential Role of Minoxidil in the Hair Transplantation Setting”

The D.O., August 2002
– “Doctoring the Doctor—Can Physicians Heal Themselves?”

Cosmetic Dermatology, May 2001
– “Hair Restoration in Patients Who Have Had Cosmetic Facial Surgery”

Ageless, 1997 by Elaine Brumberg
– Quoted in Chapter “Hair Today” Regarding Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant Forum International
– Sub-editor, “Medico Legal Matters Column” 1997-2001
– Sub-editor, “Pearls of Wisdom” 2003-Present

Hair Replacement – Surgical and Medical, 1996
– Chapter Author: “Medico Legal Issues in Hair Replacement”

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
-Board of Governors, 2015-2017
– Chairman, Past Presidents Committee, 2017-2018
– Chairman, Newcomers Committee, 2017-2018
– Chairman, Communications and Public Education Committee, 1999-2017
– ISHRS Ambassador on the International Advisory Committee, 2017-2018
– Program Co-Director, Made in Italy:  Hair Restoration Live Video Surgery Workshop, 2008
– Media Relations Committee, Chairman, 2005-Present
-Finance Committee, 2005-2007
-Joint Task Force on the Hair Foundation and ISHRS, 2006 to Present
– Strategic Task Force on Practice Guidelines and Physician Recognition, 2005 to Present
– Strategic Task Force on Awareness and Perception Initiative, 2005 to Present
– Committee on Hair Foundation, 2004-Present
– Chairman, Bylaws and Ethics Committee, 2004-Present
– Core Curriculum Committee, 2003-Present
– Committee on Certification, 2001-Present
– Past-Presidents’ Committee, 1998-2018
– Bylaws and Ethics Committee, Chairman, 1993-Present
– President, 1995-1996
– Vice President, 1994-1995
– Basic Course Chairman, 1995
– Founding Secretary, 1993-1994
– Exhibits Chairman, 1993

Hair Transplant Advisory Board
– Board Member

World Hair Society
– Secretary, 1998-Present

Italian Society for Hair Restoration
– Scientific Committee, 1999-2004
– Chairman, Scientific Committee, 2005
– President, 10th Annual Scientific International Congress, 2005

American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Charter Member

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
– Fellow, 1997-Present

European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Charter Member

The American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery
– Member, 2003 – Present

Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons
– Board of Trustees, 2006 – 2017
– Chairman, Membership Committee, 2007 – Present
–  Chairman, Bylaws Committee, 2007 — Present
– President, 1993-1994 & 1998-2000
– Vice President, 1992-1993
– Secretary, 1991-1992
– Delegate to American Osteopathic Association

American Osteopathic Association
– Ethics Committee, 1994-1997

International Society for Dermatologic Surgery

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Academy of Osteopathic Family Physicians

Rhode Island Medical Society

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association

New England Foundation of Osteopathic Medicine


American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
-Hollywood, FL, January 2016

ARTAS Robotic System User Meeting
-Coronado, CA, February 2017
-Laguna Niguel, CA, February 2016
-Newport Coast, CA, February 2015, “VIP Patients:  Attracting and Treating Them”
-Dana Point, CA, February 2014, “Moderator – Roundtable discussion on using the ARTAS Robotic System in your practice”

Asia – Pacific (AP) Dermatology Summit
-Shanghai, China, September 2011, “Psychological Aspects of Androgenetic Alopecia”
-Shanghai, China, September 2011, “Differential Diagnosis of Alopecia”
-Shanghai, China, September 2011, “Clinical Management of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men”

Harvard Medical School’s Plastic Surgery Department
-Boston, MA, April 2017, “Hair Restoration Treatments”
-Boston, MA, January 2016, “Overview of Hair Restoration Surgery”
-Boston, MA, July 2014, Surgery Grand Rounds
-Boston, MA, May 2011, “Cosmetic Core Curriculum – Cosmetic Surgery 2011”

Lebanese Society of Dermatology
-Beirut, Lebanon, April 2017, “Advances In Hair Transplantation”

Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Yankee Conference
-Newport, RI, August 2009, “Minimally Invasive Treatments of the Aging Face”

South County Hospital “Men’s Health Night”
-Westerly, RI, March 2017, “The Latest Treatments for Hair Loss”

Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Yankee Conference
-Newport, RI, August 2009, “Minimally Invasive Treatments of the Aging Face”

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association-112h Annual Convention
-Weston, FL, February 2015, “Not Your Father’s Hair Restoration:  The latest clinical advancements from lasers to robots in treating men and women”

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association-106th Annual Convention
-Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 2009, “Current Trends in Hair Restoration”

Japanese Society of Clinical Hair Restoration -16th Annual Meeting
– Kise Nago, Okinawa, Japan, February 2011, “The Latest Treatments and My Personal Approach to Treating Women with Hair Loss”
– Kise Nago, Okinawa, Japan, February 2011, “Discussion of a Case of Poor Hair Growth Using  Manual F.U.E. Technique”

Brazilian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery
-Curitiba, Brazil, August 2016 “Effective non-surgical hair loss treatments”
-Fortaleza, Brazil, May 2016 “The case that changed my career”
-Fortaleza, Brazil, May 2016 “The vision of Finasteride in the USA”
-Fortaleza, Brazil, May 2016 Surgical Planning Panel Participant
-Fortaleza, Brazil, May 2016 Keynote address:  My worst day in 30 years in the practice of hair restoration surgery and the evolution of this field in that timeframe.
-Saõ Paulo, Brazil, May 2014 “The Most Important Part of the Consultation Process – Expectations”
-Belo Horizontes, Brazil, August 2010 “The New NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant Device”
-Belo Horizontes, Brazil, August 2010 “Treating the Female Hair Loss Patient”
-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2008, “My Experience with Lasers”
-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2008, “How Do I Handle This”, Expert Panel

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery/Istituto Dermopatico dell”Immacolata, Made in Italy:  Hair Restoration Live Video Surgery Workshop
–    Rome, Italy, May 2008, “Transitions to the Latest Trends in HRS”
–    Rome, Italy, May 2008, Surgery:  Frechet Extender Removal and then Triple Flap
–    Rome, Italy, May 2008, “Overview on Current Non-Surgical Treatments”
–    Rome, Italy, June 2008, Surgery:  Frontal Hairline Procedure
–    Rome, Italy, June 2008, “Components of a Proper Consultation”

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Scientific Meeting
– Orlando, FL, January 2008, “The Hair Loss Consultation”

European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Vienna, Austria,

May 2010, “Treatments of Hair Loss in Women”
– Paris, France, May 2007, “Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatments”

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Scientific Meeting
– Scottsdale, AZ, January 2007, “Approved Medical Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia”

UNECOM Reunion CME Program
– Portland, ME, October 2006, “Update on the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia”

Vermont State Assocation of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons
– Stowe, VT, October 2005, “Latest Treatments for Hair Loss: A 2005 Update”
– Stowe, VT, October 2005, “Rejuvenating the Aging Face”

Divisional Chinese Dermatology Societies
– Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China, September 2005, “Introduction of Medical and
Surgical Therapies for Male Pattern Hair Loss”

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Prague, Czech Republic, October 2017
– New York, NY, January 2017, Strategic Planning Meeting
– Las Vegas, NV, September 2016
– Las Vegas, NV, September 2016, Morbidity and Mortality Conference “My Worst Case in 30 Years of Practice”
– Sao Paolo, Brazil, September 2016, “Round table presentation on low level laser therapy”
– Chicago, IL October 2015
– Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 2014, “My Experience with the ARTAS Robotic System and My Personal Experience as a Patient”
– San Francisco, CA, October 2013, “Proper Use of Minoxidil”
– Paradise Island, Bahamas, October 2012, “Follicular Unit Transplant versus Follicular Unit Extraction: Personal Preference and How to Explain Advantages and Disadvantages to Patients”
– Anchorage, AL, September 2011
– Boston, MA, October 2010, “Powered F.U.E.:  Using an Automated Device for Hair Restoration:  My Personal Experience with NeoGraft”
– Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2009, “Low Level Laser Therapy in Hair Restoration”
– Montreal, Canada, September 2008
– Las Vegas, NV, October 2007, “Consultation:  Patient Expectations”
– San Diego, CA, October 2006, “What a Surgeon Expects in a Surgical Assistant”
– Sydney, Australia, August 2005
– Vancouver, Canada, August 2004, “Discussion of Donor Area Scars”
– Vancouver, Canada, August 2004, “Managing the Unhappy Patient”
– Vancouver, Canada, August 2004, “Psychological Aspects of Hair Loss & Hair Restoration Surgery Identifying Unrealistic Expectations and Other Problems”
– Vancouver, Canada, August 2004, “The Consultation & Patient Selection”
– New York, NY, October 2003
– Chicago, IL, October 2002
– Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 2001
– Kona, Hawaii, November 2000
– San Francisco, CA, October 1999
– Washington, DC, October 1998
– Barcelona, Spain October 1997
– Nashville, TN, September 1996
– Las Vegas, NV, September 1995
– Toronto, Canada, September 1994
– Dallas, TX, September 1993

Workshop Presentations:
– Boston, MA, October 2010, Operating Surgeon at Live Surgery Workshop
– Chicago, IL, October 2002, “The Psychology of Hair Loss; the Consultation”
– Chicago, IL, October 2002 “The Latest Medical and Surgical Therapies for Androgenetic Alopecia”

Live Surgery Workshops:
– Orlando, FL April 2014, Assisted with Surgical Hair Restoration Procedure
– Orlando, FL April 2014, “My Approach in Treating the Female Hair Loss Patient”
– Orlando, FL April 2009, “The Consultation:  The Most Important Exam Your Patient Will Have”
– Orlando, FL, April 2009, Panelist, “Male Consult Live Patient Evaluation”
– Orlando, FL, April 2009, Moderator, “Hairline Design Panel”
– Orlando, FL, April 2009, Audience Coordinator, “Female Hair Restoration Surgery”
– Orlando, FL, March 2007, “The Hair Loss Consultation:  The Most Important Visit with Your
– Orlando, FL, March 2004, “Female Pattern Hair Loss – The Latest Treatments”
– Orlando, FL, March 2004, “Hair Loss Consultation Presentation”

World Hair Society
Annual Live Surgery Workshop
– Eighth Annual, Orlando, FL, March 2002
– Seventh Annual, Orlando, FL, February 2001
– Sixth Annual, Orlando, FL, March 2000
– Fifth Annual, Orlando, FL, March 1999
– Fourth Annual, Orlando, FL, March 1998
– Third Annual, Orlando, FL March 1997

Korean Hair Research Association
– Seoul, South Korea, July 2005, “The Importance of the Role of the Physician to Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss”
– Seoul, South Korea, July 2005, “My Personal Experience in Treating Men with Androgenetic Alopecia”

Italian Society of Trichology
– Florence, Italy, April 2016, Case presentation with discussion on panel discussion complications

Italian Society of Hair Restoration
-Venice, Italy, May 2017, “FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Harvest Method in Hair Restoration Surgery”- Rome, Italy, May 2012
– Milan, Italy, May 2007, “The Compassionate Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of Women
with Hair Loss
– Modena, Italy, June 2005, “Italian Society of Hair Restoration (ISHR) “Magisterial Lecturer” for  10th Annual ISHR International Congress”
– Modena, Italy, June 2005, “Back to Basics: Stabilization Must Come First”
– Torino, Italy, June 2004
– Rome, Italy, May 2003, “Italian Society of Hair Restoration VIII International Congress”
– Rome, Italy, January 2000
– Rome, Italy, May 1998
– Rome, Italy, June 1997

Roger Williams Medical Center, Dermatology Grand Rounds
-Providence, Rhode Island, September 2006, “The Latest Treatments of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss”
– Providence, Rhode Island, May 2005, “The Diagnosis and Current Treatments of Androgenetic Alopecia”

Rhode Island Hospital Dermatology Grand Rounds
– Providence, Rhode Island, September 2004, “The Most Recent Therapies for Androgenetic Alopecia”

Connecticut Dermatologic Physicians Assistants Association
– Ledyard, Connecticut, September 2006, “The Latest Treatments of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss”

First Event Transgender Conference, “The Latest Medical and Surgical Hair Restoration Options for the Transgender Patient”
– Waltham, MA, January 2016
– Waltham, MA, January 2015
– Peabody, MA, January 2013
– Peabody, MA, January 2012
– Peabody, MA, January 2011

Newport Yankee Conference, “The Very Latest Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia”
– Newport, RI, August 2000

“The Latest Treatments in Hair Loss”
-Nashville, TN, July 2003
-New York, NY, March 2003
-Hartford, CT, February 2003

European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Meeting
– Berlin, Germany, May 2003
– Paris, France, May 1999
“What’s the Latest in Treating Hair Loss? Medical and Surgical Evaluation and Therapy in Male Pattern Hair Loss”

“Latest Advances in the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia”
– Lexington, MA, February 2003

“Medical Treatments in the Hair Restoration Practice”
– Providence, RI, November 2002

“Medical Treatment of Male Pattern Hair Loss—The Latest Data”
– Wrentham, MA, October 2002

Hair Transplant Advisory Board Meeting
– Seattle, WA, August 2002

Dermatology Group Roundtable
– Bedford, NH, July 2002

Massachusetts Osteopathic Society
– Brewster, MA, July 2002

Skin Medicine
-Providence, RI, June 2002
-Warwick, RI, December 2006

Providence Business Expo
– Providence, RI, April 2002

Hair Transplant Consultants’ Meeting
– Dallas, TX, April 2001

Hair Transplant Surgery: Past and Present – Dermatology Grand Rounds
– Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, RI, January 2001

Photo-Rejuvenation Update-Intense Pulsed Light Institute
– Minneola, NY, January 2001

Recent Advances in the Management of Androgenetic Alopecia
– Narragansett, RI, March 1999

University of Rhode Island Pharmacy Continuing Education Course
– Kingston, RI, November 1998

Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons
– Providence, RI, June 1998

Grand Rounds, Androgenetic Alopecia, Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center
– Brockton, MA, 1998

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Review Course
– Dallas, TX, November 1997
– Dallas, TX, September 1993

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery/American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
– Rancho Mirage, CA, January 1997

Rhode Island Academy of Family Physicians
– Narragansett, RI, March 1996

DHI Academy Masters Meeting “A Comparison of Harvest Options Using FUE”
-Athens, Greece, June 2013

DHI Academy Masters Meeting “Different Extraction Tools: NeoGraft versus Manual Punch Techniques”
– Athens, Greece, June 2012

DHI Medical Group Second Annual Conference
– Athens, Greece, November 1994

Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons
– Newport, RI, September 1994


Arlington Advocate (Arlington, MA)
– 07/03: “Hair Restoration Society Praises Leonard”
– 01/98: “Leonard Certified in Hair Transplant Field”

The Beijing News (Beijing, China)
– 09/05

The Boston Globe
-07/16:  “Wes Welker returns to promote his hair doctor”
-06/15:  “Wes Welker plays bartender to celebrate hair doctor Robert Leonard”
-01/15:  “Five things you should know about Robert Leonard”
-06/14:  “Wes Welker would like to talk about his new hair”
-06/13: “Welker back in town to promote the doctor who performed his hair transplant surgery”
-01/11: “He’s Got It All Covered”
-01/98: “The Deep Roots of Stress Over Male Hair Loss”

The Boston Herald
-07/17:  “Spirits high at celebrity bartender event for Dr. Leonard”
-07/16:  “Hair’s to Pats’ luscious locks”
-06/15:  “Rob Ninkovich, Wes Welker, and Chris Gronkowski Host Celebrity Bartending Event at Capital Grille with Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to Benefit American Heart Association”
-10/14:  The Inside Track “New England Patriot Rob Ninkovich has decided to go the Wes Welker route and get him some hair.”
-06/14:  “Welker back in New England at a meet and greet event with hair replacement surgeon Dr. Robert Leonard”
-04/13:  “Hair-raising tales finally out!”
-02/08:  “With His Genes, Tom’s headed for Hairy Situation” Interview with Dr. Leonard About
Tom Brady’s Hair

Braintree Forum
-02/1:  “Dr. Leonard Joins Panel”

The Brazilian Times
-01/10:  “”Overcome Baldness and Gain Confidence”

The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)
-10/16:  “”Brian Scalabrine becoming a pitchman for hair transplantation”

Cranston Business and Chamber News (Cranston, RI)
– 06/96: “President of Hair Restoration Society Returns from Rome”
– 06/94: “Cranston Becomes Home to Hair Transplant Medical Facility”

Cranston Monthly (Cranston, RI)
– 06/02: “Gone Are The Days of The Plugs”
– 05/02: “It’s All About Hair: Female Pattern Hair Loss is Treatable”
– 04/02: “Local Surgeon Addresses Business Community”

The Cranston Herald (Cranston, RI)
-02/11: “Leonard joins journal for physicians”
-08/06:  “Bina Brings Space Flight to Cranston”

The Eagle Tribune (Merrimack Valley, MA)
-05/07: “Locks of Hope – hair transplant offers young cancer survivor a chance to look like herself again”

The Fall River Herald News (Providence, RI)
– 09/93: “Osteopathic Doctors Elect President”

Federal Hill Gazette (Providence, RI)
– 10/03: “The Aesthetic Rejuvenation Center”
– 05/02: “RI-Based Surgeon Speaks in Florida on Treatment Options for Female Hair Loss”
-04/02: “Local Surgeon Honored with International Archimedes Award for Hair Restoration     Surgery”
Guangzhou Daily (Guangzhou, China)

The Gloucester Times (Gloucester, MA)
-05/07: “Locks of Hope – hair transplant offers young cancer survivor a chance to look like herself again”

The Hellenic Chronicle
– 01/98: “Stands Out”
– 11/97: “Doctor Lectures in Italy”
– 08/97: “Dr. Robert Leonard Named Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery”
– 07/97: “Dr. Robert Leonard Lectures in Rome, Italy”
– 06/96: “Dr. Robert Leonard Address Italian Society for Hair Restoration”
– 10/95: “Boston Area Physician Named President of International Medical Society”
– 09/94: “Dr. Robert T. Leonard Elected VP of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery”
– 04/94: “Modern Technology Can Fool Mother Nature and Restore Hair Permanently”
– 12/91: “Dr. Robert Leonard Appointed to Medical Board”

The Hellenic Voice
– 03/05: “Beyond the English Patient: Dr. Robert Leonard reaches out to Greek-speaking patients”
– 02/00: “Dr. Leonard Named to Scientific Committee of Italian Society for Hair Restoration”

The London Times (London, England)
–  06/08:  “Best Way to Beat Hair Loss Requires the Cruellest Cut”

Los Angeles Wave (Los Angeles, CA)
-08/17:   “Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age”

Il Resto del Carlino (Modena, ITALY)
-06/05: “Sui capelli efferto Silvio”

Johnston Sun Rise (Johnston, RI)
–  06/10 “Rhode Island doctor offers new hair transplant option”

Journal Inquirer (Manchester, CT)
– 10/98: “Losing Your Hair – and What You Can Do About It”

The Los Angeles Times
– 02/96: Interview: “Rogaine Going Over the Counter”

Malden Observer (Malden, MA)
– 01/18: “Dr. Lopresti Named Chief Surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates”

Maeil Business Newspaper (Seoul, South Korea)
–    07/05: “Hair Restoration Surgery, Psychological Aspects of Hair Loss, Myths About Hair Loss and Propecia® Therapy”

Mercury (Newport, RI)
–    08/05:  “Forget Plugs and Rugs”
–    05/08:  “A New Genetic Test for Hair Loss”

Metro West Daily News (Framingham, MA)
-07/16: “Wes Welker focused on finding new path”
-11/10: “A Journey Back From Cancer”

The Narragansett Times (Narragansett, RI)
– 09/13: “Narragansett’s Dr. Leonard utilizes modern approach to age old problem”
– 11/07: “Narragansett Doc re-certified by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery”
– 01/02: “There are Non-Surgical Solutions to Skin Problems”
– 08/00: “Surgeon Featured on the Internet”
– 01/00: “Hair Transplants: It’s Not Astro-turf’”
– 04/99: “Local Doctor is Featured on Cable News”
– 09/98: “Leonard Honored in Italy”
– 01/98: “Receives Board Certification”
– 08/97: “Hair Restoration at Any Age”
– 05/97: “Local Doctor Presents Lecture”
– 04/97: “Speaks on Hair Loss”
– 02/97: “Splitting Hairs”
– 08/96: “Medical Specialist Interviewed”
– 03/96: “Speaks at Workshop”
– 03/96: “Honored By Governor”
– 09/95: “Named President of Medical Society”
– 05/95: “Lectures in Florida”
– 02/95: “Accepted Into the Premier Group”
– 11/94: “Lectures in Greece”
– 10/94: “Elected Vice President of Hair Restoration Society”
– 12/93: “Branch of Medicine Misunderstood”
– 09/93: “Latest Options Available for those Suffering from Hair Loss”

Nashua Telegraph (Nashua, NH)
-11/08:  “At the Root of it, Doctor Considers Hair a Factor with Candidates

Newburyport Daily News (Newburyport, MA)
-05/07: “Locks of Hope – hair transplant offers young cancer survivor a chance to look like herself again”

Newport Daily News (Newport, RI)
– 03/04: “Hair Transplant Clinic Opens Office on the Island”

The Newton Tab (Needham, MA)
– 06/03: “Award for ethics in Hair Restoration”
– 07/03: “Leonard Associates Awarded Milestone Award”

The New York Post (New York, NY)
– 10/07: “Hair Apparent – Survey says bald is bad for business – but is it?”

The Norwich Bulletin (Norwich, CT)
– 07/16: “Former Patriot Wes Welker thinking about his future”

Providence Business News (Providence, RI)
-10/16:  “Five Questions with Dr. Robert Leonard”
-04/16:  “Leonard honored with outstanding service award”
-02/14:  “Dr. Leonard named hair-restoration society fellow”
-07/13:  “Baldness doesn’t have to be forever”
-12/10:  “Dr. Robert Leonard Reveals Top 5 Tips for Recognizing Hair Loss in Men and Women”
-11/10:  “New Survey Finds Majority of People Cannot Detect a Hair Transplant”
-10/10:  “Dr. Robert Leonard to Perform Live Surgery at Annual Meeting for International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery”
-07/10:  “Dr. Leonard Re-Appointed to University Board”
– 05/10:  “Robert Leonard Appointed to The American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Advisory Council”
– 03/08:  “Leonard First to Offer Baldness Gene Test”
– 11/07: “Buying a Touch of Youth, Beauty”
– 11/06: “Hair Doctor’ Seeks Input to Improve Shampoo Line”
– 07/05: “Hair Restoration Surgeon Launches ‘Make Hair Loss History’ Contest”
– 01/04: “Health Care” clip
– 06/03: “Cranston Surgeon Offers Hair-raising Technology”
– 03/02:  Business Notes, International Archimedes Award
– 10/98:  “Dr. Leonard Becomes President of Osteopathic Society”
– 11/95: “Turning Hair Transplants Into a Growth Business”
– 10/94: “Highlights from Dr. Leonard’s Presentations at the International Society of Hair     Restoration Surgery

Shanghai Morning Post (Shanghai, China)
– 09/05

The Providence Journal (Providence, RI)
-07/17:  “Ninkovich enters his 12th season”
-07/17:  “Welker takes a new route”
-07/16:  “Wes Welker dealing with life without football”
-02/14:  “New procedures provide tress relief for hair-loss sufferers”
-02/12:  “All About You”
-08/11:  “We asked hair-loss expert Dr. Robert Leonard what he thought of the HairMax LaserComb”
-07/11:  “Hollywood’s worst hairlines rated”
-01/11:  “Bald is Beautiful, If You Groom”
-07/10:  “Robert T. Leonard Jr, D.O,, of Narragansett has been reappointed to the Board of Trustees of at The University of New England, Biddeford, Maine”
-05/10:  “Hair Restoration Surgery Advisory Council”
-06/09:  “Win a free hair transplant”
-03/07:  “Pat and Tom Branca under infrared lights to stimulate hair growth”
-07/06:  “Mid Lives, A New Look”
– 01/04:  Business Notes
– 01/04: “What Would it Cost to be Redone from Head to Toe”
– 01/04: “Buying a New You”
– 03/02:  Health Notes, International Archimedes Award
– 04/01: “Patient Expectations”
– 03/99: “Give Me a Man With Hair” (Dr. Leonard feature story)
– 03/99: “Psst, Hair Systems Have Gained Respect” (Interview)
– 03/99: “He Got Back a Mirror Image of His Old Self”
– 03/99: “If You Have Any Hair at All, Surgery Can Spread it Around”
– 10/96: “On the Cutting Edge”
– 09/91: “Plugging Away at Lost Hairline Isn’t in Vain” (Dr. Leonard feature story)

The Rhode Island Jewish Herald (Providence, RI)
– 06/96: “Dr. Leonard Attends Conference”
– 11/94: “Lectures in Greece”
– 03/94: “Hair Replacement Surgery ‘Does Work’”
– 09/93: “The Latest Options Now Available for Those Suffering From Hair Loss”
– 07/93: “Hair Today, Here Tomorrow”
-05/93: “Leonard Elected Secretary to Hair & Scalp Surgeons Association”

The Salem News (Salem, MA)
-05/07: “Locks of Hope – hair transplant offers young cancer survivor a chance to look like herself again”

The South County Independent
– 06/03: “Local Doctor Honored Abroad”
– 06/03: “Narragansett Resident Receives Ethics Award in Rome”
– 03/02: “Hair Surgeon Honored”
– 03/02: “To Speak at Business Expo”
– 08/00: “Dr. Leonard Featured on the Internet”
– 07/99: “Dr. Leonard Attends Conference”
– 04/99: “A World-Renowned Hair Expert”
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Just My Mind?”- 02/04: “Hair Removal at its Finest!”
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Dr. Leonard was featured in the following Rhode Island newspapers regarding his election as President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery:
– The Warwick Beacon
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– The Cranston Herald
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– East Side Monthly
– The Chariho Times

Two Associated Press (AP) articles distributed nationally including:
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Feature:  “Eyebrow Transplants”
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INTERVIEW:  “FUN 107 Morning Show Discusses His Hair Transplant One Year after the Procedure”
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INTERVIEW: “Female-Pattern Baldness Medical and Surgical Treatments”
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INTERVIEW: Female-Pattern Hair Loss: Dr. Brian Porteus
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An interview with Dr. Leonard on 2,000 affiliate stations nationwide
– 09/95: USA Radio Network

“New Surgical Treatment of Male-Pattern Baldness”
– 07/90: Holistic Hotline Network

“Update of Surgical/Medical Treatments of Male-Pattern Baldness”
– 06/91: Holistic Hotline Network

Dr. Leonard’s participation in talk radio programs on the following stations:
– KGO Radio – San Francisco, CA


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Patient Presentations Regarding the Latest Surgical and Medical Treatments of Hair Loss
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