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“Dr. Lopresti is a consummate professional and one of the best surgeons in his field.”

Kevin Chapman

Transgender Hair Restoration

Leonard Hair Transplant Associates has been taking care of transgender patients from the very early days of our hair restoration surgery practice in the late 1980s. Both hair restoration surgeons Dr. Matthew Lopresti and Dr. Mary Lopresti have been blessed to learn so much from these brave men and women about their individual journeys in becoming the people they always knew they were. They often have gone through many years of self-evaluation, soul searching, and therapy to reach their ultimate decision to live in the world as their true gender.

Trans-SymbolMany Male to Female (MTF) people often undertake a challenging path that includes various medical treatments and therapies, and many surgical procedures to achieve their life goals. Procedures undertaken can include breast augmentation, genital reassignment surgery, and facial feminization work. These expensive and major surgical procedures often take many months to years to complete and to properly heal.

One very important aesthetic area usually remains a problem for these individuals after all of these other procedures are done: male pattern hair loss.

Whether the situation is a masculine receded hairline or generally thinning hair throughout the top of the head or a bald spot in the crown, this continues to be a big problem. Certainly hairpieces or wigs can be worn to cover this male pattern baldness; however, these “solutions” are simply not what most people want. After all other gender-confirming procedures have been completed, these people want their own real, growing hair in the fashion and style of their true gender!

This is what we offer to our patients. One of the most common procedures we perform on Male To Female (MTF) patients is creating a feminine hairline, which is lower, flatter, and rounder than its male counterpart. Additionally, we often repopulate the balding crown area with thicker naturally growing hair. Finally, some other cosmetic procedures create surgical scarring that often needs to be camouflaged with a hair transplant. This is often necessary from forehead lowering procedures, where resulting hairline scarring is sometimes very visible.

No matter what type of genetic background an individual comes from, hair loss often bothers everyone. Leonard Hair Transplant Associates is proud that our entire team treats all of our patients with the understanding, support, and respect they deserve and welcome all to be evaluated for determining the best possible options to address their hair loss.

Transgender Patient Results

Patient Testimonial

“Like many others, I feel compelled to write a testimonial on behalf of the individual affectionately know as “Doc” (Dr. Robert Leonard). There are as many reasons for this as there are clients; but for me, the problem of thinning hair presented more problems than just appearance.

I am a Transgender Woman (i.e. a person born male, but transitions to living as a woman). Such a change comes with its own set of problems and rewards. One of the problems faced is not having the physical attributes that makes for an accepting appearance. This requires many different steps.

francine-with-dr-leonardI believe that when people look at other people, a popular hobby of all of us, the first things that is noticed is your face and facial expression. Part of this, of course, is hair. In changing my facial appearance I did two things. First, I started laser treatment to remove my beard, not a pleasant experience, and second decided to have a hair transplant to fill in my bald spot.

I chose Doc because he had an excellent reputation as a physician. While that fact is true and indisputable, the manner with which I was treated was even better. Identifying yourself as a Trans woman/man can often lead to rejection and humiliation. This never happened with Doc and his staff. I was assured from the first phone call that I was welcome and would be treated accordingly. Through the consultations; the surgery; and the follow up check ups, I was treated with respect just like they treat all of their patients. Oh, and the surgery was a piece of cake. I hardly knew they were doing anything and the results have given me a more natural appearance that allows me to move more freely in society without worries of having a wig move or come off at the wrong time. I was able to live openly and move in society with a confidence that a natural appearance gave me.

I would heartily recommend this procedure by Doc to anyone thinking of transitioning. I can’t say enough about the whole experience and what it has meant to me in my new life.”

~ Francine, Vermont