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“I had a hair transplant deal with it. Pres is bringing the thunder in the front and the party in the back.”

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Points to Consider

For Those Interested in Hair Transplant Surgery

Having hair restored nearly painlessly, and in a manner that appears completely natural, is every prospective hair transplant patient’s dream. To ensure satisfying results, consider the following points before choosing a specialist.

  1. Find a hair specialist who is an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified physician. Although hair transplant surgery is considered a minor medical procedure, in the rare case of a possible complication, the patient ought to be in expert medical hands. The ABHRS is the ONLY board specific to the field of hair restoration surgery.drcheck
  2. Make sure that the hair specialist is really a specialist. Many excellent physicians and surgeons offering other services also may perform hair transplants. Despite professional credentials, a physician performing only hair transplants is one who is the experienced, true expert. Does your doctor utilize and/or innovate the very latest transplant techniques? Is he involved in hair transplant societies and regularly attends their educational programs? Is he a true leader in his field?drcheck
  3. Does the hair specialist offer options other than just surgery? Because hair loss is always progressive, a competent hair restoration surgeon should make his patients aware that surgery alone will not slow its progression.  Platelet Rich Plasma with ACell Injection Therapy, Propecia, Rogaine, and Low Level Laser Therapy should be discussed and offered to patients to provide a comprehensive hair restoration treatment plan.drcheck
  4. Does the specialist consider himself an artist? Ask about his hairline techniques. A natural-looking hairline can make or break the look you are after. A hair specialist who considers himself an artist makes an educated judgment, then creates individuals hairlines that are unique to the shape of their face and head and are flattering. The artistic creation of the hairline is crucial in the accomplishment of a successful hair transplant. You’ll need to feel confident about your doctor’s expertise in creating the natural look.drcheck
  5. While waiting for a consultation with the physician, talk to others in the reception room. Patients in various stages of hair transplants are usually quite willing to give you their opinions of their hair restoration procedures. If you don’t have that opportunity, ask the physician to refer you to some of his patients.drcheck
  6. Does your doctor practice in your area or does he fly in from another part of the country? It is always comforting to a patient to know that his doctor can evaluate him, if necessary, in the days following a hair transplant surgery. Be sure your doctor is locally-based.drcheck
  7. Don’t feel uncomfortable asking questions. Hair transplant specialists, like no one else, are aware of how many misconceptions exist about their field. They are happy to give you the facts. They expect many questions to be asked.drcheck
  8. Honestly assess your financial situation and your expectations for the hair transplant. The physician will work around a time frame that is comfortable for you. Many patients choose to take weeks to months to complete their hair transplant due to their financial status, business concerns, or personal commitments. Financing options should be available, as well.drcheck
  9. Shop around. If you are interested in any type of other hair replacement methods such as hair pieces, wigs, etc., visit people who offer those services first. Always remember, though, that nothing short of hair transplantation will provide you with your own growing hair again on your scalp. It truly is the premier solution for hair loss. Compare methods, the doctor’s reputation, and expertise, as well as study literature distributed by each professional, and assess existing patients’ opinions. Beware of “sales on surgery”, “last minute surgery pricing”, and “on-call pricing”. Just think how it would sound if a cardiac surgeon offered “4 bypass grafts for the price of 3” or a dentist would “fill 2 cavities for the price of 1”. This is a surgical procedure performed by a surgeon, not a frivolous, unprofessional business sales situation. Be careful and mindful of what you would do with your body.drcheck
  10. The least inexpensive route is not always the best. Above all, remember that attaining hair transplant surgery is a personal INVESTMENT that could help you improve the quality of your life. A hair transplant is yours – a part of you – for a lifetime. Your care in choosing the proper hair restoration surgeon can lead to a satisfying look that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.drcheck