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Rob Ninkovich
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PRP with ACell® Injection Therapy

Stem cells and cellular regeneration are the next frontier of hair regeneration. PRP with ACell injection therapy offer a revolutionary way to halt hair thinning, strengthen weakened hair, and stimulate hair growth without surgery using your own blood and growth factors. As top hair restoration surgeons, Dr. Matthew Lopresti and Dr. Robert Leonard along with the aid from Physician Assistant Lacey Sellati use PRP with ACell injection therapy in combination with other leading techniques to provide a customized hair loss treatment plan with your needs and goals in mind.

What Is PRP with ACell® Injection Therapy?

PRP with ACell injection therapy is a non-surgical treatment for hair thinning and loss that uses your own blood to stimulate growth in a quick office treatment with little to no downtime. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a component of blood that contains platelets and growth factors. Those growth factors are like signal callers that give instructions to your tissue to regenerate and multiply. ACell is an FDA-approved cellular regeneration substance that uses MatriStem® technology. ACell is a naturally occurring material that triggers new blood vessel formation, recruits stem cells, and resorbs, leaving no scar tissue or material behind. By combining PRP with ACell therapy, activation of hair growth is possible in men and women affected by pattern and other forms of hair loss.

How Is PRP with ACell® Injection Therapy Performed?

To ensure maximum comfort during the procedure, the treatment area will be numbed using a local anesthetic. A sample of blood is then drawn and spun in a specialized machine that separates it into different layers. The process is meticulous, with injections precisely placed into the scalp with a syringe to stimulate hair follicles. Once the PRP with ACell injections are introduced into the scalp, they jump start the body’s healing response to increase follicle health as well as restore hair thickness and strength. Treatments generally only take about 60 minutes, and you should be able to return to your daily activities soon after your procedure.

What Are the Benefits of PRP with ACell® Injection Therapy?

PRP with ACell injection therapy can drastically slow down the hair loss process and can provide you with thicker hair growth in treated areas. Additionally, this minimally invasive technique can:

Who Is a Good Candidate for PRP with ACell® Injection Therapy?

If you are experiencing hair loss, either as a result of genetic male or female pattern loss or from another form of hair loss, PRP with ACell injection therapy may be able to help you manage your condition and restore your hair to where you feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance. PRP with ACell injections work best when combined with other restorative treatments, including Rogaine Foam®, Propecia®, the CapillusRX™ laser therapy cap, low level laser therapy, or hair transplant surgery, as this therapy provides the optimal results when hair is at its maximal growing phase. Individuals with early stages of hair loss and women with overall hair thinning often have the best experience with PRP with ACell injection therapy. During your initial consultation, Dr. Lopresti and Physician Assistant Lacey Sellati will review your concerns, discuss your goals, and help you determine if this treatment is right for you.

WCVB-TV Features Rob Ninkovich and PRP Therapy

Our patient and former NFL player Rob Ninkovich discusses his experience with PRP Therapy in an interview with Emily Riemer from WCVB-TV. Having hair loss run in his family, Rob chose to undergo treatment with Dr. Lopresti to help prevent hair thinning in the future. During the Channel 5 News segment, Dr. Lopresti details how the PRP Therapy process works.

PRP Therapy Featured on Boston 25 News

During a feature on Boston 25 News, Dr. Lopresti explains the science behind PRP and how the process works. The patient, Pam, recounts her experience with PRP and how treating her thinning hair helped restore her self-confidence. Stories like Pam’s are evidence that PRP can be an especially beneficial solution for women suffering from hair loss, as they often have limited options available.

What Should I Expect After PRP with ACell® Injection Therapy?

Most patients resume their normal life activities the very next day. Some soreness on your scalp where the injections were applied is not uncommon and should fade quickly. Patients may begin to see results after four to six months, typically described as less shedding or loss and even thicker, fuller hair in the treated area. Our team will monitor your results and make suggestions to maintain or improve your outcome as it develops. For best results, consistency is key, and Dr. Lopresti and Physician Assistant Lacey Sellati will discuss repeat treatments with you to ensure you can enjoy your results for months and even years down the line.

How Can PRP with ACell Injection Therapy Support Hair Transplants?

PRP with ACell injection therapy can be used in combination with hair transplantation surgery to enhance the positive effects achieved from receiving newly grafted hairs. In addition to the benefits of simply undergoing hair transplant surgery, patients can experience faster healing times, stabilization and improved quality of their native hair, as well as minimization of scar tissue formation when adding PRP with ACell injection therapy to their surgical plan.

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