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Devoted to Restoring Hair with Successful, Natural-Looking Results.

For over 30 years Leonard Hair Transplant Associates has offered premier hair loss solutions to the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire area. If you are like one of the 80 million American men and women experiencing hair loss, they understand how losing your hair can affect the way you think and feel about yourself, and perhaps even the way you interact with others. As distinguished experts and leaders in the field of hair transplantation, Dr. Matthew Lopresti’s and Dr. Mary Lopresti’s mission has always involved a twofold approach: to offer the highest quality medical and surgical care to not only treat your hair loss, but to restore your confidence.

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  • How Hair Could Swing Votes in Biden vs. Trump 2024 Election

    When you think about what makes a presidential candidate appealing, you might consider their policies, charisma, or speaking skills. But what about their hair? Yes, hair—or the lack thereof—has played a surprisingly significant role in American politics. The last U.S. president to sport a completely […]

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  • Avoiding Hair Transplant Doctors with Board of Medicine Issues

    Choosing the right doctor for your hair transplant procedure is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your results and overall experience. As a hair restoration surgeon, I cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly vetting your potential doctor’s background, credentials, and any issues they […]

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  • Boston Bruins Player Charlie McAvoy Gets Hair Transplant

    I am absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! This month, we had the privilege of welcoming Boston Bruins Defenseman Charlie McAvoy to our Newton, Massachusetts office for a hair transplant procedure. Charlie, known not only for his outstanding skills on the […]

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