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Rogaine Foam®

What Is Rogaine Foam®?

rogaineRogaine is a topical solution to help halt hair loss. Rogaine used to only be available through a doctor’s prescription. The good news is that now Rogaine products for men and women can be purchased over-the-counter at almost any drug store or supermarket. During your initial consultation, our experienced hair restoration doctors can recommend how it can be used to best suit your individual needs and goals. In most cases, Rogaine works best in combination with other techniques, so we can assist you in developing a customized program to provide you with excellent results.

How Do I Use Rogaine Foam®?

Rogaine Foam is a topical formula that should be applied to the scalp twice a day, every day. It is an easy-to-use treatment that can be conveniently added into your daily routine. First, individuals are instructed to shampoo and towel-dry their hair. Patients should then part their hair and expose the scalp, making sure to create parted rows in the areas experiencing hair loss. To use, hold the can upside down and dispense a dollop of the foam onto your fingertips. The amount of foam should equal about half of a capful (or about the size of a ping-pong ball). Using your fingers, apply the foam directly to your scalp, gently massaging the product where your hair is thinning. When the foam penetrates the skin, the active ingredient in Rogaine Foam, minoxidil, works to revitalize shrunken hair follicles. When you’ve finished applying the product, simply wash your hands, and that’s it — you’re done. You should go through this simple and easy process twice a day for the best results.

How Long Does It Take to See Rogaine Foam® Results?

As a reminder, Rogaine Foam must be used twice daily in order for it to be effective. Generally, it takes at least four months to notice a reduction in the amount of hair loss, and about seven months for hairs to be restored. You need Rogaine Foam use for at least a full year to see the optimal outcome. In general, 50 percent of patients can stabilize hair loss in this time frame, and 50 percent of people will see increased density, called regrowth, at this stage. Of course, with our other treatments, we can combine procedures to enhance the effects and give you the best possible result.

Does Rogaine Foam® Only Work on the Crown?

There is a misconception that Rogaine can only stop hair loss on the crown of the head. The truth is this treatment can be used effectively on the entire scalp. We recommend applying the foam directly to the areas where you notice hair loss.

What Happens if Rogaine Foam® Is Stopped?

Continued use is necessary to maintain your results. If you stop using the product, hair thinning and loss will continue. Most patients who stop Rogaine Foam treatment will notice a return to their previous, pre-treatment appearance in about six to eight months. We know life is full of hectic experiences and unplanned events, so if you miss a dose or two, simply continue the regimen as normal. You should not double up or try to make up for the missed doses by using more product. If for any reason you feel that Rogaine Foam is not achieving the look and feel you want, we offer a comprehensive selection of options and will work with you to find the ideal approach for your needs and desired outcome.

Does Rogaine Foam® Cause Shedding?

Rogaine Foam can stimulate hair follicles to return to the growth phase of the life cycle, so we describe that in 15% of people at week five of treatment may experience some shedding for only about one week…in fact, this can be a very good sign! The shedding should be temporary and indicate the emergence of new, healthier and fuller hair coming in. Do not stop the medication if this occurs! If you have any doubts or questions, though, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Rogaine has been used for 30 years as an effective and long-term non-surgical hair loss treatment. Occurring side effects are typically dermatological in nature, and they usually affect only about two percent of men.

If you would like to learn more about whether Rogaine is a suitable form of treatment for you, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our skilled hair restoration surgeons, please contact us today.