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"They actually moved my entire hairline back to where it was in my wedding photos"

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Photobiomodulation Therapy (Low Level Laser Light Therapy)

Auxo A300 Laser CapThere is an important fact that you must understand when it comes to treating your hair loss. It is that you have a condition, which is called androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss, may progress over time without appropriate therapy. It’s just the way it is.

A significant cause of thinning hair and baldness is due to miniaturization of the follicles, whereby the long, thick, plentiful hairs that we all love on our heads, over months to years, become shorter, thinner, and less pigmented. It is observed as thinning hair and hairline recession. This is caused by decreased blood flow in the tiny vessels in the scalp that directly feed the follicles with oxygen and other nutrients. The light energy generated by the Auxo A300TM may cause an increase in this blood flow, thereby reversing miniaturization of the follicles from small ones back into large ones.

After 50% of your hair becomes miniaturized is when you even begin to notice your hair is thinning! So, it is critically important that you start treatment once it becomes evident to you.

Follicle with its blood supply

The Hair Health Institute  provides this effective non-surgical treatment modality to patients. When most people think of lasers, they think about lasers that actually destroy tissue like those for hair removal or skin rejuvenation—hot lasers. This, of course, is NOT what we are talking about here!

Photobiomodulation is a term to describe what our low level laser devices actually do. They use light energy (“photo”) to impact your hair follicles (“bio”) to positively affect the hair growth cycle (“modulation”).

Not All Hair Lasers Are the Same

Diodes are the light-generating parts of the device that create a beam of energy that reaches into the scalp. For decades, the type of diode that has been used is called a through-hole diode that generates a very fine beam, which penetrates just so far into the scalp skin.

Fast forward to today where an advanced type of diode has been developed that is found only in the Auxo A300TM laser cap device: the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) diode. This technology casts a wider energy beam and one that goes more deeply into the scalp skin where the blood vessels to the follicles reside.

This is clinically important because of laser density. The more closely approximated that the delivery of light energy is, the bigger its impact on positively affecting the scalp’s blood supply to each hair follicle. Given that the Auxo A300TM’s beam is wider with SMT devices, we now have a new therapy benefit to treat hair loss.

Diagram of beam differences between through-hole and SMT diodes: the SMT diode has a wider energy beam

Why Should You Use the Auxo A300TM?

Final Thoughts to Consider

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