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"The practice has a great reputation around Boston. Everyone I know that has gone in has been happy with their results."

Chris Wagner
Boston Bruins Player

CapillusRX Laser Therapy Cap

As world renowned hair restoration doctors, Dr. Matthew Lopresti and Dr. Robert Leonard believe in offering solutions that are proven safe and effective. They utilize the latest in low level laser therapy with the FDA cleared CapillusRX™, offering patients a non-surgical hair loss treatment to stabilize progression for their thinning hair and promote regrowth from the comfort of their own home. During your hair loss consultation, Dr. Lopresti or Dr. Leonard will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your candidacy for the CapillusRX™ and walk you through the treatment process.

At Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, we have offered Low Level Laser Therapy for the last 25 years. For the first 17 or so years, we used office-based devices, which required patients to come to the practice for many treatments over a year-long protocol. Approximately six years ago, we began to offer the Capillus272™ PRO laser cap that allowed our patients to have hair loss therapy in the comfort of their own homes. It allowed patients to treat thinning hair at home but remain under the supervision of hair loss experts. This device has provided great success for our patients over these last few years.

As with all technology, advances are continually being made. This is the case with laser cap technology, as well. Our team is excited to announce the newest device that the Low Level Laser industry has created: the CapillusRX™.

How Does the CapillusRX™ Work?

The CapillusRX™ has 312 diode lasers, which is more than any other at-home device for hair loss, making it one of the most effective low level laser treatments available. It covers a large portion of your scalp and is designed to provide you with superior hair restoration results. The advanced treatment is ideal for both men and women who have thinning hair and are looking for a convenient solution.

Why Should I Use the CapillusRX™?

As the name suggests, the CapillusRX™ is available only through physicians’ offices. This is important because hair loss professionals will be monitoring your progress, answering your questions, and continually making recommendations for your specific hair loss problems.

CapillusRX™ can also preserve hair from further thinning and loss and offer the possibility of re-growing hair that has already miniaturized on our scalps.

Many of the improvements over the original Capillus272™ PRO cap (that Dr. Leonard has been using himself for the last five years) involve enhancing patient comfort, which is essential.

Other benefits of the CapillusRX™ include:

Additionally, and just as important, the entire electrical configuration, design, and number of laser diodes (upgraded to 312 from 272) in the CapillusRX™ have been revamped to provide continued excellence in therapy coupled with a much shorter and convenient treatment protocol.

“This is a wonderful option for women…”

~ Dr. Robert Leonard

How Long Does CapillusRX™ Treatment Take?

Instead of having to wear the device for a half hour every other day, it only needs to be worn for six minutes each day! Now treatment takes just about as much time drinking a cup of coffee.

As you already know, male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss affect over 80 million American men and women. These conditions, by far, are the most common reason our patients seek our expertise and recommendations to treat their hair loss.

What Patients Are Saying

Below are testimonials from real patients who have enjoyed beautiful results from Low Level Laser Therapy at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates:

“This synergistic, yet non-surgical approach worked well beyond my highest expectations.”

~ R.B.

“My hairdresser, even though I didn’t tell her that I was using Low Level Laser Therapy, commented that my hair was growing back and looked a lot more thick.”

~ R.G.

“I can’t believe that my hair has stopped falling out. Before meeting Dr. Leonard, I really thought that I was going to have to buy a wig. I thank God everyday that I started my Low Level Laser Therapy treatments.”

~ E.M.

If you would like to learn more about the CapillusRX™ laser device, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our skilled hair surgeons, please contact us today.