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Dr. Robert Leonard Presents at Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Medicine in Germany

New England’s foremost authority on hair restoration speaks on the importance of initial hair loss consulation to achieve optimum results

Newton Centre, MA – (July 5, 2018) – Dr. Robert Leonard, founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, recently presented at the Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine in Lindau Bodensee, Germany on the importance of a patient’s initial hair loss consultation to achieve a successful result. This is the first time that the Congress has included a forum on hair-loss consultation and restoration as part of its program.

L-R: Dr. Ron Shapiro (USA), Dr. Andreas Finner (Germany), Dr. Bruce Reith (Germany), Dr. Reith’s associate, Dr. Frank Neidel (Germany), Dr. Robert Leonard (USA).

Dr. Leonard was asked to present because of his affiliation with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and his widespread reputation as the region’s foremost authority on hair loss surgery and restoration techniques. “It was an honor to be asked to present to colleagues from around the world,” said Dr. Robert Leonard. “The importance of a patient’s initial consultation cannot be undervalued and sets the stage for overall expectations and successful treatment.”

As a best practice during an initial consultation, Dr. Leonard stressed the importance of listening and learning from a patient; understanding a patient’s needs and motivations when seeking professional advice; and providing a realistic treatment outcome. Dr. Leonard feels that a hair-restoration surgeon must wear several hats during the consult to discover why a patient is at the consultation. This includes analyzing a patient’s innermost needs, recommending the best hair styles for individual hair loss and being caring and understanding in addition to being an expert in the field.

According to Dr. Leonard, some patients are not good candidates for treatment and it’s okay not to treat them. Reasons can include unreasonable expectations, psychological issues, age and medical issues including blood disorders, disease and genetic issues. For those that are good candidates for surgical or non-surgical treatment, the most important thing that a doctor can provide is a realistic understanding of what the treatment will entail and a completely honest assessment of the eventual outcome.

About Leonard Hair Transplant Associates:
Leonard Hair Transplant Associates offers the latest technology in hair restoration surgery and medical treatments, customized to meet individual patient hair loss needs, including Traditional Hair Transplantation, Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) Transplantation, CapillusRx™ Laser Device, and Propecia®. With offices in Cranston, Rhode Island, Boston, Worcester, Braintree, and Newton Centre, Massachusetts, and Salem, New Hampshire, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates is dedicated to providing an honest, realistic medical evaluation of each individual’s hair loss problem. For more information, visit www.hairdr.com.