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Former NBA Player Brian Scalabrine Receives Hair Transplant

11-Year NBA Veteran and Boston Celtics Broadcaster Brian Scalabrine Receives Hair Transplant from Leonard Hair Transplant Associates

Newton Center, MA (October 25, 2016) – Brian Scalabrine, whose 11-year NBA career included stints with the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls, recently had a hair transplant procedure to preserve and continue to grow his trademark orange locks. The power forward turned Boston Celtics broadcaster recently underwent the procedure with surgeons Dr. Robert Leonard and Dr. Matthew Lopresti of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, with offices in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Scalabrine joins a growing list of professional athletes and broadcasters to endorse Leonard Hair Transplant Associates for its hair restoration expertise. Current New England Patriots Rob Ninkovich and Sebastian Vollmer, Former Patriot Wes Welker and Boston broadcasters Tom Curran and Tom Carron are among the many athletes and broadcasters that rely on Leonard Hair Transplant Associates for their hair loss needs.

scalabrine_brian_headshotTwo weeks following his initial consultation, Scalabrine underwent a Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates’ Newton, Massachusetts office. In this procedure, Drs. Lopresti and Leonard transplant individual hair follicles from the donor area to the area in need.  “They confer with each other and definitely work well together,” Scalabrine said. He stated the procedure was pain free, and he was able to watch two Iron Man movies while the doctors worked on his scalp.

Scalabrine first met with hair loss specialists to square up his frontal hairline, which gets the most attention when he is on camera as a broadcaster. “I am six feet, nine inches tall, so the camera is almost always pointed up at me, placing more attention on my hairline. There is a certain amount of vanity in TV, and when people tune in, I want them to be focused on what I am saying, and not on how my hair looks.”

Dr. Lopresti explained to Scalabrine that approximately two to three weeks after his procedure, the individual hairs in the transplanted grafts will grow and then fall out. Around twelve to sixteen weeks, the new permanent hairs will grow at the average rate of hair growth, which is about a quarter to a half inch per month.

“I am not here to tell people to seek treatment because I did. But, I do encourage all men and women who have thought about hair loss to do the research and know there are options available,” Scalabrine said. “If you decide it’s a step you want to take, make the call. Visit with Drs. Leonard and Lopresti. They will be upfront with you and help you decide the correct steps to take.”

Leonard Hair Transplant Associates additionally offers a variety of non-surgical treatment options including: Rogaine® Foam, which stabilizes progression of hair loss throughout the top of the head and can re-grow hair and the Capillus272 PRO laser device which provides patients with a portable, non-surgical option to strengthen their hair, to stop progression, and to promote regrowth from the comfort and privacy of home. It fits easily and discreetly into a baseball cap. The 272 lasers stimulate hair follicles to revive and to thicken thinning hair. When used for 30 minutes every other day, the Capillus272 PRO is one of the most effective low-level laser devices available in the world.

With nearly 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Robert Leonard serves as New England’s foremost authority on hair restoration, providing a much needed expertise in treating individuals concerned about their thinning hair or baldness.

“More than 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States suffer from hair loss,” said Dr. Leonard. “Many either don’t yet recognize it or they are in denial. But, a free consultation will allow us to immediately begin formulating a patient-specific course of action. Hair loss does not always require surgery; there are many scientifically proven non-surgical options that are also extremely effective in treating hair loss.”

About Leonard Hair Transplant Associates:
Leonard Hair Transplant Associates offers the latest technology in hair restoration surgery and medical treatments, customized to meet individual patient hair loss needs, including ARTAS® Robotic System, Traditional Hair Transplantation, NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplantation, Capillus272 PRO Laser Device, and Propecia®. With offices in Cranston, Rhode Island; Boston, Worcester, Hyannis, Braintree, and Newton Center, Massachusetts; and Salem, New Hampshire, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates is dedicated to providing an honest, realistic medical evaluation of each individual’s hair loss problem. For more information, visit www.hairdr.com.