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Medical Publication Praises Infrared Light Therapy That Stimulates Hair Growth

CRANSTON, RI – Cosmetic Surgery Times recently published an article praising a European-inspired infrared light treatment, called Luce LDS 100, that helps stimulate hair growth in women and men. Dr. Robert Leonard, a leading hair restoration surgeon in New England, is the only doctor in New England who currently uses Luce treatment to help improve hair growth and stabilize the progression of hair loss.

“Luce LDS 100 is a treatment that has been used successfully in Europe for more than 20 years and it makes sense to make this available to people suffering from hair loss here in the United States,” says Dr. Leonard. “Luce is also non-invasive — there is no burning, no UV radiation and no discomfort to the patient.”

According to Dr. Leonard, each session simply requires that patients sit under a light-emitting device for approximately 30 minutes. The infrared light helps increase cellular metabolism, blood circulation and oxygen supply to the scalp.

Female and male-pattern hair loss are progressive conditions and this is an ideal “reversing” treatment for both women and men,” continues Dr. Leonard. “Luce is so effective, it converts approximately 70 percent of hairs from the resting phase back into the growing phase.”

For more information about Luce LDS 100, visit www.hairdr.com or call 800.543.0660.
Dr. Robert Leonard, founder and chief surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, provides the latest technology in hair restoration surgery and non-surgical hair loss treatment. LHTA is committed to the community and to the highest quality of medical and surgical care for their patients throughout New England, across the United States, and from around the world. Dr. Leonard has offices in Newton, Braintree, Boston, Worcester and Cape Cod (Hyannis), Massachusetts; and Middletown and Cranston, Rhode Island. For more information on Dr. Robert Leonard, visit www.hairdr.com or call 800.543.0660.