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Top 5 Tips for Recognizing Hair Loss

CRANSTON, Rhode Island – Dr. Robert Leonard, chief surgeon and founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, is keeping it real for men and women who suffer from hair loss by announcing his top five tips for recognizing hair loss.

“Losing one’s hair most often is a very slow, insidious process. In fact, only after 50% of a man’s or woman’s hair is already down the drain, does it become noticeable to patients. This is a scary statistic! So, here are my top five tips to recognize hair loss to arm patients with the truth before it become more serious.”

1. More than 100 hairs falling from your head
You should take notice to how many hairs are in your shower drain, on the towel when you first dry your hair, in your brush, and on your clothes each day. If it is more than 100 hairs, then you probably have clinical hair loss.

2. Got sunburn on scalp last summer
One of the first signs of thinning hair during the summer is a sunburn on your scalp. If your hair is thick enough, it will protect your scalp from burning, but as it thins, this protection is lost. If you received a sunburn on your scalp, then you probably have clinical hair loss.

3. Now able to see the contour of your skull in the rearview mirror
Lots of men and women spend a great deal of time driving and using the rearview mirror to check themselves out several times during a commute. If you can now see through your hair and can follow the contour of your skull – when before you just saw thick hair – then you probably have clinical hair loss.

4. Taking too long each day to cover up thinning hair
Most people simply do not like losing their hair and will try lots of hair styling maneuvers to hide it. Techniques from the infamous “comb-over,” to coloring the scalp to create the appearance of thicker hair, to literally taking hours to do whatever one can to cover the balding areas all can make getting up and getting off to work a job in itself. So, if this is happening, then you probably have clinical hair loss.

5. Friends point out that you’re losing your hair
Sometimes that friendly observation is extremely helpful because others often notice hair loss in ourselves before we do. The problem with this arises when it is pointed out in a very public and often embarrassing way-like at the company’s holiday party or during an otherwise enjoyable event. Take the observation as friendly push to get your hair loss evaluated and medically treated and not as an affront to your masculinity of femininity. If others notice your hair loss, then you probably have clinical hair loss.

Hair loss affects fifty percent of all men and one out of every four women. It is easily diagnosed. There are wonderful, effective treatments ranging from Rogaine Foam, Propecia, and Laser Therapy to stop this progressive condition to extremely natural-looking, permanently-growing hair transplantation surgical techniques including the latest one, the NeoGraft method. For a free consultation, please call Dr. Leonard at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates at 1.800.543.0660.