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Facial Hair Transplantation

Facial hair loss can occur for a number of reasons and our skilled hair loss surgeons are experienced in the latest treatments for an extensive array of concerns related to hair thinning and loss. The cause of reduction in facial hair growth could be due to genetics, such as a family trait, or it could be a result of facial hair not growing well, growing in thinly, or growing in a patchy pattern on the face. Another reason can be trauma such as a cut in the skin where hair is growing. When a scar develops, no hair can grow in that type of tissue. Facial hair loss can be from what one does to those hairs, including over-plucking eyebrow hair. Long-term plucking to shape eyebrows can destroy the follicles, leaving too narrow or diffusely thin eyebrows.

There also can be medical causes for hair loss such as alopecia areata or scarring alopecia, which can affect the eyebrows, sideburns, moustache, or beard. Caution is necessary with these skin conditions because the transplanted grafts could become victim to the disease and also be destroyed. Additionally, individuals with vitiligo can have hair transplants to cover the lack of pigmentation in their skin. It has been occasionally observed that the transplanted follicles will cause restoration of the pigment in the skin surrounding them.

Facial hair restoration is often performed for transgender patients transitioning from Female to Male (FTM) to accentuate a more masculine appearance. This procedure can be extraordinarily successful in achieving this goal.

To learn more about the hair transplant procedure unique to each facial region, please follow the links below, or you can contact our practice today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Eyebrow Restoration

Our eyebrow restoration options include non-surgical and surgical treatments that can effectively address or camouflage hair loss caused by genetics, excessive plucking, disease or disorder, or another concern.
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Moustache Restoration

The loss of hair or lack of hair growth on the upper lip can be the result of genetic predisposition, trauma, the surgical removal of skin cancers, the repair of a cleft lip, or other causes. Facial hair transplantation can restore a mustache with typically excellent outcomes. Non-surgical treatments may also be beneficial in cases of early hair loss.
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Beard Restoration

In addition to genetics, trauma, and skin cancer removal, loss of hair on the beard may be the result of cosmetic procedures, including laser hair removal. Some patients who originally wanted to streamline their morning routine may discover they miss having the option to grow a beard. Our multistage hair transplant technique helps to achieve the most natural-looking outcome possible.

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Sideburn Restoration

As with other types of facial hair loss, sideburns can thin or lose the ability to grow hair on account of skin cancer removal, genetic predisposition, trauma and scarring, and cosmetic procedures (such as facelift surgery). Using similar techniques as would be used for the eyebrows, moustache, and beard, the sideburns typically can be restored with beautiful results.
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For more information about facial hair transplantation, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our experienced hair restoration surgeons, please contact us today.