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Chris Wagner
Boston Bruins Player

Beard Restoration

Although not for everyone, a beard is a sign of masculinity that many men desire but cannot always grow. In some cases, the hair may come in patchy or may not extend fully and evenly across the lower region of the face. In other instances, hair thinning and loss may occur as a result of genetics, injury, cosmetic procedures (including facelift surgery and laser hair removal), or skin cancer removal. Additionally, female to male transgender individuals may also wish to grow a beard but lack the natural ability to do so. Our experienced hair loss surgeons, Dr. Matthew Lopresti and Dr. Robert Leonard, offer a comprehensive range of solutions to these concerns. Using state-of-the-art hair transplant techniques, they can help you create the beard density and style you’re seeking with natural-looking results.

Whether you’re interested in creating a full beard, moustache, goatee, or another variation on these themes, Dr. Lopresti and Dr. Leonard offer customized treatment plans tailored to suit your cosmetic goals and anatomic needs. In addition, we offer other forms of facial hair transplantation.

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Every patient has a unique vision of their results, which is why we customize each procedure. To learn more about the facial hair transplant process and beard restoration, please contact our office today. We can answer your questions and help you schedule a complimentary consultation with our doctors.