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"The practice has a great reputation around Boston. Everyone I know that has gone in has been happy with their results."

Chris Wagner
Boston Bruins Player

2012 Year in Review for Dr. Robert Leonard

Q: – Dr Leonard – 2012 was a special year for you. You had great news almost all year. Tell us about it.

Dr. Leonard – It’s been an extremely exciting year for me. I was very happy to have Wes Welker of the New England Patriots become a patient of mine this summer. He got married in June and had a transplant procedure early July. He’s one of the most wonderful, kind and passionate guys I have ever met. It’s a pleasure working with him. And, Wes has agreed to become a spokesperson for Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.
Q: That sounds exciting.

Dr. Leonard – Yes and the goal is to help me (make) hair transplantation (not such an) in-closet procedure; that it’s OK to have a hair transplant.

Q: It would seem that – if the transplant looks great – who should care?

Dr. Leonard – I’ve been a surgeon for 26 years and it still boggles my mind to know that patients are embarrassed about having a hair transplant or telling someone you had one. It’s crazy because it’s natural. If you have your front tooth replaced – that’s the same and people talk about dental work all the time.

Q: – Transplantation today is virtually undetectable?

Dr. Leonard – Yes. I’ve been involved from the early days of large grafts that were detectable. Today, it’s just the opposite.

Q: – You expanded this year – didn’t you?

Dr. Leonard – We did and now have seven offices throughout New England. One of the biggest factors in expansion is being available for patients. I have the best team in the whole world – meeting people from the moment they-e-mail, Twitter or phone us. The staff makes our patients feel welcome. We treat all of our customers as patients because I’m a surgeon – not a sales person.

Products_togetherQ: For 2012 – you now offer a new, improved product line.

Dr. Leonard – Yes – a new line of hair care products called, “Copper Chemist.” For the last eight years, we had a different line I designed called, “Hair Doctor.” Patients loved it – but one of the main features of that product line was Copper Peptide – which was shown to be helpful for the hair follicle.

Q: And, that was a springboard into this new product line.

Dr. Leonard – That’s correct. I spoke with other hair care professionals, chemists and patients to see how we could improve it. We still have the Copper Peptide – but removed any harsh detergents – which really cause damage to the hair shaft. So, people with treated hair, processed hair – it’s an excellent cleanser – but – not a harsh, damaging detergent. In addition to Copper Peptides – we added natural ingredients – each of which has some positive effect on the hair follicle or shaft itself.

Q: – So – this is the result of a lot of experience from the first product line. It just got better.

Dr. Leonard – That’s exactly right – in addition – we listened to patients and got feedback. The reality is – people want healthy hair; the head of hair they had in the past. And, the Copper Chemist line is for men and women.

Q: Anytime in their life?

Dr. Leonard – Any time – with or without a transplant. The launch has been successful and I had my staff use it recently. It’s great to hear patients – and see the results.

LaserQ: Also for 2012 – you have an update on laser hair therapy.

Dr. Leonard – A very busy part of my practice – I’ve been using this technology for 13 years. One of the problems is, people have to physically come to the office for treatment. But – now – there’s a product called the laser cap – which I think is equivalent to that of the office-based program. Patients can do this at home. They still have (me) to monitor them – but – now, they can do this at home. That’s exciting news.

Q: You’ve increased your population of trans-gender patients.

Dr. Leonard – Yes. I speak every year at a conference in New England particularly to this population of people. They go through so much psychologically, hormonally – and go through so many procedures – and then they end up looking like a beautiful women – but with a bald head. When I transplant them – it’s like the finishing touch.