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"They actually moved my entire hairline back to where it was in my wedding photos"

Rob "Hardy" Poole
98.5 The Sports Hub



Good morning, A few weeks ago, I was quoted in the New York Post when they ran a story on the role of hair as an important indicator of success in business, society and even politics. (”HAIR APPARENT – SURVEY SAYS BALD IS BAD FOR […]

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Your November e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

It is always rewarding to hear comments like this one from a patient of mine in New Hampshire, who starts each day happy that he decided to do something about his hair loss. Because this patient is well known in his community, I’m going to […]

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Important Updates on Hair Cloning

Here are some highlights from my recent attendance at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. The entire first day I performed my duties as a member of the Board of Governors and I was happy and proud to have […]

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Your September e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard patients tell me they would give “anything” to get more hair. That’s a pretty powerful statement – and is very telling of just how important hair is to not only our physical makeup but also to our […]

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Your July e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

Dear Jennifer, Summer is in full swing and with these beautiful beach days, it prompts me to touch on a subject that is important to me—female pattern hair loss. So many of the patients I meet share with me the painful experiences they face, especially […]

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Your May e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

Dear Jennifer, Today I’m speaking to you not only as a doctor, but as a patient as well! The topic isn’t hair loss, but about some of the effective dermal fillers we offer at LHTA. There’s a lot of marketing buzz about topical skin products, […]

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Your February e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

Dear Jennifer, When Patricia Branca came to see me about restoring her hair, her sweetheart of 34 years came along to support her. Her husband, Tom, was so supportive, in fact, that before we finished the consultation he had decided on a hair restoration procedure […]

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