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HairDr Products Available Through Online Store

CRANSTON, Rhode Island – Dr. Robert Leonard, chief surgeon and founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, is today announcing the launch of the HairDr Store, an online retail outlet offering Dr. Leonard’s newly reformulated line of hair care products designed specifically to help maintain and restore healthy hair.

The HairDr Store, available by visiting HairDr.com, offers shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray. Each product in the HairDr line features a unique blend of herbal extracts and copper/peptides that help to revitalize hair. Studies show that copper/peptides help stop the negative effects of hair loss and increase the size of hair follicles, leading to thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

“With my more than 25 years of experience treating men and women with hair loss, I have been asked thousands of times for my recommendation for hair care products,” said Dr. Leonard. “To that end, I have worked closely with a chemist and created an entire new line of hair care products, HairDr, to help everyone to achieve the healthiest hair possible for the greatest look to make their hair be their ‘crowning glory’ once again!”

“Hair health is the name of the game-and it begins with healthy follicles!” continued Dr. Leonard. “Healthy hair is what is necessary to have the look of what people are seeking: as full and as thick an appearance as possible.”

Regarded as natural hair growth stimulators, specific herbal extracts have been infused into every HairDr product. Specifically, HairDr Shampoo features clove and honey extract; HairDr Conditioner has sage, wheat and kelp extracts; HairDr Hair Spray is infused with alfalfa, aniseed and parsley extracts. All three items, also available for purchase at all seven Leonard Hair Transplant Associates offices, include a 5% discount if purchased online.

Dr. Leonard is New England’s foremost authority on hair restoration. He offers a complete array of hair restoration options and procedures, including non-surgical treatments such as Rogaine Foam® and Propecia®, Low Level Laser Therapy, and hair transplantation. Dr. Leonard is also the only hair restoration surgeon in New England to provide NeoGraftTM, a revolutionary technique with a shorter operating duration and shorter recovery period. Dr. Leonard is the Hair Loss Expert for Johnson & Johnson.