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Hair Restoration in the Transgender Patient

On of the most difficult aspects of transformation in Male To Female (MTF) transgender patients is dealing with remaining male pattern baldness.  These brave individuals often go though years of counseling, medical urltherapies, and multiple surgical procedures to achieve their life goals, but still have hair loss issues that need to be addressed.

I call surgical hair restoration the “final touch” in their transformation to fully achieve their aesthetic and self-image needs.

Gender-correct hair is an important step in completing one’s new identity.  A masculine hairline, bald spots, or just a thinning crown can raise self-doubt even after years of work, which is why it is important to address this area.

Additionally, scarring along the hairline caused by forehead lowering procedures or a receding hairline are issues that transgender patients often contend with.

Often times, an individual decides to undergo a transformation so that they do not need to feel as though they are covering up who they really are.  Yet, after counseling, medical therapies, and many surgical procedures, that is exactly the feeling that hair pieces and wigs leave them with!

Surgical restoration of ones own growing hair “tops off” the MTF transgender patient’s transformation allowing her to feel her best in living her life.