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Connection between baldness and heart disease in men

It looks like winter finally is coming to an end – especially here in Fort Lauderdale where I am delivering a lecture on “Current Trends in Hair Restoration”!

I heard of some new, very interesting data about the connection between baldness and heart disease in men. The following is a synopsis of these data:

  1. There is a 23% increase in heart disease in men who have bald crowns.
  2. The data increases to 36% if the entire top of the head is bald.
  3. It jumps significantly to 79% in the man has high blood pressure and baldness.
  4. It skyrockets to 178% if the guy has baldness, high blood pressure and smokes!

The take home message is that often the last doctor a man visits was his pediatrician and will only seek out medical services in times of crisis thereafter. It is very important for all men to have a primary care physician that he is comfortable with before he really needs one. If you are a man reading this, then you probably have hair loss. If you do not have a doctor-find one-and get a complete physical examination, including all screening tests that are appropriate for your age. Then come to see me about your hair!!