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Getting Back into Your Hair Loss Treatment Regimen


What a wonderful summer we have had here in New England this year. Hot, sunny, and bright days, however, are slowly coming to and end. Vacations, changes in typical routine, and days at the beach commonly throw us off our necessary hair loss treatment regimen. […]

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Dr. Robert Leonard Honored by Italian Society of Hair Science


I truly was honored to participate as an invited international faculty member for the 20th Anniversary meeting of the Italian Society of Hair Science (SITRI) in Florence Italy.  This organization includes specialists from multiple disciplines including hair restoration surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, and dermatology, among […]

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Prince William should treat his hair loss as soon as royally possible

Prince William

Whether you are a future heir to the British throne or just a regular bloke, a man’s hair loss often invokes kidding by others—especially from close friends. That’s exactly what happened yesterday in Wales, UK, by one of Prince William’s former military associates. As has […]

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Soaring to greater heights thanks to our collective team effort

A successful hair restoration surgical practice definitely requires skilled, honest, and compassionate surgeons; however, without a competent, compassionate, and friendly team, the practice will not be successful. For nearly three decades, I have been blessed to have truly the very best team of individuals working […]

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The Realistic Timetable For Hair Restoration Surgery

“Doc, how long is it going to take to get my hair back?” is a common question I’ve been asked over these last 29 years in this field.  After my own transplant a year ago, I asked Dr. Lopresti this very question…and didn’t stop asking […]

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