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Sean Kuraly
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Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Capillus 272 Portbale On


More than 15 years ago, I introduced low level laser therapy into my practice at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates as a treatment for hair loss in men and women–and, I’m grateful that I did!

Laser therapy has evolved dramatically from the days of the year-long office-based program requiring our patients to come into our offices many, many times in a year.  Our experience with this technology has been superlative; however, by virtue of having to be present to the office, it significantly curtailed the number of individuals able to use it.

The Capillus272 laser cap changed all of that since it is used by my patients outside of the office from the convenience of their home!

The device is worn under a baseball cap for approximately one half hour, three time a week at home or wherever the person may travel.  It is portable, easy to carry or pack (TSA is not concerned about it), and it is equally effective in slowing hair shedding and re-growing hair as has been my long experience with our office-based program.

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