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"The practice has a great reputation around Boston. Everyone I know that has gone in has been happy with their results."

Chris Wagner
Boston Bruins Player

The Consultation Ensures Your Safety and Happiness

When I meet patients for consultations, not only do I use the time to get to know them and their expectations for hair restoration, but I also investigate their medical histories. As a physician, my greatest concern is patient safety, so I use this valuable time to make a complete assessment of any medical problems that should be considered. For example, it is important for me to be aware of any medications the patient is taking, disease history (particularly cardiac disease), allergies to medications, and even any psychiatric issues.

Then the conversation moves to the crucial topic of what the patient wants. I evaluate the adequacy of my patient’s donor hair for present and future hair restoration needs. How many procedures will be necessary over the years to satisfy the patient today and into the future? Will there be enough hair? Am I confident that my patient will be happy with the expected and realistic results? In addition to a careful hair and scalp examination, these are questions I must ask myself to be sure we are both on the same page regarding these important issues.

The bottom line is that when it comes to my patients, I take great care in making sure that their health and happiness will be maintained throughout the hair restoration process. This is why the consultation is so important. Once I am confident that realistic expectations will be met, I am ready to proceed with the agreed upon treatment plan and make a positive impact on his or her life.

Check back in two weeks for my last installment on the consultation process – determining treatment specifics for each unique patient.