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What not to do when you notice hair loss

Marie Claire magazine recently published an article titled:  8 Things That Happen When You Don’t Wash Your Hair Enough.  I totally agree with what was written.  Every day in our practice, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, Dr. Lopresti and I discuss hair washing with our hair loss patients.

hair-loss-treatmentA common patient who comes in for a consultation is the young man or woman who is noticing increased shedding of hair:  more hair in the shower drain, more in the comb or brush, more on clothing, more on the book while studying, et cetera.   When they see this increase in hair shedding, it is frightening to them!

Their first thought is that the shampooing is causing their hair loss!  So, they stop shampooing their hair and cleaning their scalps—which, as noted in the article—makes their hair loss worse.   I cannot tell you how common this is!  We have to take a lot of time during their hair loss consultations with these patients to educate them about the facts about exactly why they are losing their hair.

Compassionate counseling along with hair loss stabilization with proven medical treatments are, of course, strongly recommended to them.  The best thing about our expertise in treating hair loss is that we  follow our patients over the years to help them to either keep their hair or to re-grow it!

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon