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“I was losing my MoJo! Thanks to Dr. Lopresti, I have my own permanent hair growing again.”

Mike Adams
Radio Personality

Entire team is dedicated to providing patients excellent care

I want to take this opportunity to publically thank my fabulous team at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates for all the hard work they do in providing excellent care to our patients.  I make a point during every surgical procedure to thank them; however, during busy days in surgery, I think that this expression of appreciation may go unnoticed or, at least not really heard.

During the last many years I have built a team of individuals who keep our patients’ needs, concerns, and best interests as priorities.

From the very first interaction with a prospective patient via a phone call or by an e-mail or by an inquiry on hairdr.com, we all try very hard to sympathize and to follow up in a timely manner in order to get that person in to one of our offices for their complimentary consultation. This is really the only setting in which they can receive specific and proper education as to what their particular problem is and what we may be able to do to HELP THEM with that problem.  We shall intently listen to what is bothering them and try to solve their concerns.

After all these years—27 so far!—in taking care of men and women who are concerned about losing their hair, we KNOW that it often is not easy for many to even make the phone call to arrange for their complimentary consultation.  I have had many patients tell me that it took them YEARS to “get the guts” to come in to be evaluated.  It’s often a shame that people wait because common hair loss is definitely a progressive condition; without treatment, it ALWAYS get worse.

My team works diligently to make our patients feel as relaxed as possible on surgery day.  Let’s face it, people are fearful to some extent about being THE patient.  Virtually EVERY one of them tells me before he or she leaves from their hair transplant that my team was great in making them feel as comfortable as possible.

For this, again, I say “THANK YOU”.  I love you all and enjoy working with you every single day—well, most days!!!