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"They actually moved my entire hairline back to where it was in my wedding photos"

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Staying Abreast with the Latest Education in the Field of Hair Restoration Surgery

I am writing to you from Belgium where I am obtaining training on new techniques of follicular unit transplantation (FUE) and the traditional strip harvesting method of donor area harvesting.

Twenty years ago, I was a Founding Director of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).  As part of our life-long maintenance of competency, Diplomates of the ABHRS must undergo proficiency testing.  Ten years ago, I passed the board examination and thought that that would be my last official test to take in my career…well, today, ten years later, I’m still going strong taking care of my patients!  I am, therefore, preparing to soon take the exam once again.

Dr. Leonard with friend and colleague, Dr. Jean Devroye

Dr. Leonard with friend and colleague, Dr. Jean Devroye

I am asked to speak throughout the world to teach colleagues about the various aspects of medical and surgical hair restoration and hair loss stabilization along with the consultation process and the proper approach and care of our patients—men and women alike.

One of my greatest joys and achievements in my long career occurred four years ago when I personally trained Dr. Matthew Lopresti to provide added opportunities for the care our patients at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

After these 30 years in hair restoration, as exciting it is for me to travel the globe to teach, it is equally rewarding to learn new things to better care for our patients.

One can, after all, teach an old dog new tricks…wishing you the excitement of life-long learning in all that to do!

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon