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“Dr. Leonard is a world class hair transplant surgeon. My procedure was easy and I can't wait to see the results.”

Fred Toucher
98.5 The Sports Hub Radio Host

Case Study: Wes Welker, Transplant Experience

Even if you aren’t a high profile professional athlete, the idea of people knowing you had hair transplant surgery can be an obstacle to treating hair loss. NFL wideout Wes Welker says his procedure was relatively pain-free and the resulting side effects were minimal and easily camouflaged.

“It’s not a big deal to have the procedure done….even afterwards there was a little bit of soreness to the touch, but, overall, there was really no pain involved…I had somebody try to find [the scar] in the back of my head and they couldn’t find it.”

The hair transplantation of today is designed to achieve the best results with as little disruption to daily life as possible. To learn more about the variety of procedures and treatments offered at Leonard Hair Associates, contact us.

Next month: Wes elaborates on the post-transplant process.