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"I cannot stress the importance of getting ahead of this before it's too late. I’m so glad that I went to Dr. Lopresti and started the process."

Matt Grzelyck
Boston Bruins Player

Your August e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

AllenComelloWhen Alan first started noticing his hair loss at the young age of 22, he tried to cover it by wearing a hat or styling his hair differently. As his hair loss progressed, he found himself wearing a hat almost all of the time. He avoided activities like swimming or going outside in the wind, and tried to avoid getting his hair wet at all costs.

Soon it got to the point where Alan found it impossible to cover his hair loss. He looked into hair pieces, but decided they wouldn’t fit his active lifestyle. He looked into non-surgical treatments, but felt that they wouldn’t provide him with the significant change he needed. That’s when he came to see me for a complimentary consultation to discuss hair restoration surgery.

When we met, I explained the fact that hair loss is a progressive condition, and that Alan would need more than one procedure over the years to restore his head of hair. After our conversation, he agreed that hair restoration surgery–the premier solution for hair loss–was the right treatment option for him.

After Alan’s first hair restoration surgery in the winter of 2006, people began to ask him if he was wearing his hair differently or if he needed a haircut. He was so pleased with the results that he underwent a second procedure in the winter of 2009.

“I saw a huge difference and it made me want to go and have the second procedure. I wanted more,” Alan says. “I can’t express how extremely satisfied I am about the whole thing. It definitely gave me my confidence back.

“The best thing you can do if you’re considering having it done is to at least go talk to Dr. Leonard and find out the specifics. A lot of people don’t really understand what’s involved and how easy a hair transplant can be.”

Now Alan admits that he doesn’t mind looking in the mirror anymore. He has his confidence back and rarely wears a hat. He goes swimming (something he hadn’t done in years) and enjoys the freedom of not worrying about his appearance all of the time.

If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss, please heed Alan’s advice and contact me to schedule a free, confidential consultation to explore the many hair restoration options available. Call 1-800-543-0660 or visit www.hairdr.com.

Dr. Robert Leonard
Founder and Chief Surgeon

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