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Shampoo Your Hair Daily For Healthier Hair

A hairstylist recently was highlighted on the Today Show describing how to shampoo a woman’s hair.  He stressed that the shampoo should be applied to the scalp and not on the hair. The scalp is where an oily substance, sebum, is secreted and is where the dead epidermal cells reside.

BinaWhile I agree that it is very important to clean the scalp to remove the sebum and dead cells daily, styling products and environmental pollution is absorbed by the hair shaft as well making your hair smell unpleasant and be dirty-looking.

In addition to shampooing daily—yes, I know, you’ve been told that this will dry out the hair…the use of hair conditioner counteracts this situation.  It is healthier for your hair follicles to be cleaned daily.  A healthier follicle grows a healthier hair.

I designed the Copper Chemist line of hair care products to decrease any negative effects of drying of the hair by not including any sulfates, phthalates, or parabens, which are harsh on the hair shafts.  They contain copper peptides, which nourish the follicle.  Additionally, I utilized only natural-based ingredients to offer more fullness in moisturizers and volumizers to make the hair look as thick as it can.

So, shampoo every day using the best shampoo products to make your hair as healthy-looking and full-looking as it can be.