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Our Cranston Office has relocated to Warwick! We are now seeing patients at the Warwick location. Read our blog to learn more.
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"Boston fans love my red hair, and when it started to thin, I felt like I had to give the people what they want!"

Brian Scalabrine
Former Boston Celtics Player

Your June e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

As a hair restoration surgeon, I feel that it is imperative to offer all medically sound and scientifically proven treatments for hair loss for those men and women concerned about losing their hair.

I have offered Rogaine products since they became available in the late 1980’s, Propecia from the late 1990’s and low-level laser therapy since the year 2000. In fact, aside from one other hair restoration specialist in the United States, I have had the most experience using this technology in treating hair loss.

Capillus_272_Portbale_OnThe latest option in laser therapy is the home use device called Capillus. With laser therapy, the more numbers of laser diodes in a device, the better the efficacy.

The Capillus contains 272 lasers, which is the most in any such device for home usage. Additionally, this unit covers a larger surface area of the scalp providing better treatment coverage. It is a device that fits completely under a baseball cap-completely hidden from everyone.

It is simple to use-just one-half hour every other day. Please contact our office to learn more about this exciting new device to combat hair loss.


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