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“Dr. Lopresti made me feel comfortable and I knew he was the right doctor for me.”

Rob Ninkovich
New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX and LI Champion

Gina Jimenez

“As a woman, it’s very difficult to lose your hair. It changes your whole personality.”

This comment came from one my patients, Gina Jimenez, a mother of two who started losing her hair when she was only 25. I believe a lot of women can relate to Gina’s experience – in fact, one in four women suffers from thinning hair.

At 30, Gina started losing even more hair. She told me that her battle with hair loss got so bad she didn’t want to go anywhere.

In a letter, Gina shared, “I was very self-conscious. When I did go out, I had to wear my hair up in a big comb to hide how thin my hair was getting.”

That was until she saw an ad for my practice, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates. She came into my Cranston, RI office one day in 2000 and I evaluated her hair loss situation. Based on the examination, I recommended that she should consider hair transplant surgery.

Gina shared in a letter, “[Hair transplantation] is actually very easy, and so worth it. To me, the most important thing is that I took the first step and did something about [my hair loss].”

Gina also told me that her procedure was so easy, she went on a date that same night and she even shared her news [of the surgery] with him. That same man is now her husband and they have two children together.

Years later, I performed an additional surgery on Gina to further increase the density of her hair. That surgery was also successful. She was so happy with the first procedure that she came back for more!

“I feel normal and I can go outside and do all the things I used to do.”

Patient success stories like Gina’s make my position as New England’s most experienced hair restoration surgeon extremely fulfilling. Don’t wait until your hair loss problem starts taking the joy out of your life.