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“Choosing Dr. Lopresti was an easy decision. I am very excited to start seeing the progress.”

Tom Caron

Luis Costa

If you saw Luis Costa on the street, you probably couldn’t guess his real age. This 47 year-old Warwick, RI resident seems to look younger as the years go on. His explanation? Hair transplantation!

A native of Portugal, Luis began noticing his hair loss in his early 20s. He considered himself too young to be losing his hair and decided to buy and wear a hair system- a decision that would burden him for nearly two decades.

“I wore a hair piece for 18 years,” Luis said. “People look at you and notice that your hair looks fake. It really affected my self confidence. There were many activities that I had to avoid. Swimming was a big one. I also avoided sports, such as soccer, or playing around with the kids. When you wear a hair piece, you don’t want anyone to touch it.”

It wasn’t until Luis suffered an injury in a car accident that he decided to improve his quality of life and seek the solution to hair loss.

“I was in the hospital for a few weeks,” Luis explained. “I was very embarrassed because I had stitches on my head so they had to remove the hair piece. At that point I decided that I was all done with it. Later I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Dr. Leonard. My wife and I went to speak to him and felt very comfortable with him.”

When Luis and his wife came to see me for his confidential consultation, I evaluated his hair loss and explained that he would need more than one procedure to achieve his desired results.

“I’m very happy and pleased with the results,” he said. “Now I can do anything. I swim – no worries. I play soccer. I play rough with the kids. It’s the best thing that has happened to me!”

Since completing his hair restoration procedures, Luis has become a huge advocate of taking the step toward restoring your hair and your self confidence.