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"Dr. Lopresti comes in and it’s like game day. He's a focused and confident surgeon!"

Christian Fauria
New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII and XXXIX Champion

Joe Comparone

Joe Comparone, owner of Drain Pro Plumbing, was confident and successful from a very young age. At 19, he started his own business, easily marketing himself to potential clients.

He was always in the spotlight, out on the town, dating, and having fun.

When he started losing his hair in his mid-20s, he began to feel differently. He tried shaving his head, but didn’t like that look. “I needed hair. Hair was like a shield, a coat, a security blanket.”

Initially, Joe tried ROGAINE®, but he was not getting the results he wanted. “I felt like no one wanted me. I started to gain weight and stopped taking care of myself.”

Joe had heard about hair transplant surgery, but he was skeptical at first. The results he had seen from other doctors’ work looked pretty bad. He knew he didn’t want that.

Joe happened to know people who worked for Dr. Leonard, so he decided to make an appointment and see what the Doctor had to offer.

He was so inspired by his first meeting with Dr. Leonard that he decided to have surgery right away. The results were fantastic! “I got back my self-esteem. It was the best money I ever spent in my life. People treat me differently now. I look and feel like a professional when I’m on the job.”

After the surgery, family and friends commented on how good he looked, but most people couldn’t place what had been done. But, Joe says, “I don’t care if people know or not. I did it for me, not for anyone else.”

Joe felt so good about himself after the surgery that he started working out again and lost several pounds.

Sometimes people are doubtful when he tells them he’s had hair transplant surgery. He tells them, “It’s no big deal. Snap your fingers and before you know it, you have hair. And it won’t set you back financially.”

Joe was so happy with Dr. Leonard’s work that he is planning another surgery in the next year to further fill in the sides and bring down his hairline even more.

He appreciates all that Dr. Leonard has done for him: “If it wasn’t for Dr. Leonard, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.”