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“Doctor Leonard did a nice job, and his staff took good care of me. The whole experience was terrific.”

Jeff Gross
Professional Poker Player


October Hairlines e-newsletter

The Gronkowski family loves to get hyped, lift weights, and play football on Sundays.  Chris Gronkowski, the third-oldest of five brothers, is famous for a last name that he shares with brother Rob Gronkowski.  But while younger brother Rob excels with flash, older brother Chris […]

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Modern Approach To Age Old Problem

As a Narragansett, Rhode Island resident for over 25 years, I am proud to share with you a recent article from my hometown newspaper, The Narragansett Times.  Reporter Matt Wunsch filed this story:   “Narragansett’s Dr. Leonard utilizes modern approach to age old problem”  

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It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Hair Transplant

So, what are the sound medical and scientific treatments of female pattern hair loss? As was discussed in my prior blog: “Women Don’t Lose Their Hair—NOT”, there are dual goals in my approach to treat women with thinning hair. The first (and one that is […]

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Princess Kate Middleton’s rumored hair loss

Telogen effluvium is a reactive hair shedding caused by some physical stress such as pregnancy and delivery or general anesthesia or even a high fever.. It is thinning last for about 3 months and then the hair re-grows after another 3-4 months. This is NOT […]

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September Hairlines e-newsletter

“The hair transplant was the best thing I have ever done,” strong words from professional football player Wes Welker about his procedure with Dr. Leonard.  Wes is a valued patient who was frustrated with his thinning hair issues until he took matters into his own […]

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Football is back….and so is Wes Welker’s hair!

It has been approximately one year since Wes Welker’s hair transplant procedure and he now has a full head of hair which he is flaunting on and off the field. His great new look can be seen in commercials for Dr. Leonard airing this year.

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Women Don’t Lose Their Hair—NOT!

Hair loss in women is far more common than one would think.  In fact, one in every four women experience genetic hair loss.  This translates to approximately 30 million women in the United States! By far, genetics is the reason for hair loss in the […]

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