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“This is one of the nicest things I have ever done for myself!”

Lyndon Byers
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The Trust Between Dr. Lopresti and Dr. Leonard

Dr. Lopresti with ARTAS Robotic System

Dr. Matthew Lopresti

Trust is an honor that is earned through time and example. Through the years that I’ve known Dr. Leonard, I have had the chance to experience and appreciate his honesty, loyalty and love for his family, practice and patients. It was on August 20, 2014 that I was blessed and honored by the highest compliment that I could have received from Doc. I performed his hair transplantation by the ARTAS Robotic System.

As an associate of Dr. Leonard’s, I have been trained directly by him and have been taught the skills that he has acquired over the past 28 years. It has been through our time together, both as an associate and a friend, that he put his trust in me–not only to practice medicine with him–but to perform his hair transplant.

I must admit that performing his ARTAS Robotic transplant felt overwhelming to me;  not, however, because I did not feel confident in my own skills. In fact, Dr. Leonard holds very high expectations and he obviously and confidently knows that my skills are proficient. Doc’s ARTAS transplant was overwhelming because I knew at that point that he trusted me entirely.

I look forward to the many years that we will have together.  Also, I am looking forward to being able to provide that same great care that he has given to his many patients – past, present, and future.

I invite all who are interested in the ARTAS Robotic System to not only read more about this great technique, but to come into our office in person to see the results!

Dr. Matthew Lopresti

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