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"Boston fans love my red hair, and when it started to thin, I felt like I had to give the people what they want!"

Brian Scalabrine
Boston Celtics 2008 NBA Champion

From where on your genetic tree does your hair loss come?

Men’s Journal recently published a short article about a common myth about the genetics of hair loss—that being that male or female pattern comes from the mother’s side of the family.

MythsThis myth has been promulgated for many years by both the lay public and by medical professionals.  The genetics of thinning hair is polygenic, which means there are bits of genetic information from both sides of the family.  Over the years in practice, I have observed equal numbers of patients whose father’s side is bald as their mother’s side.

Regardless from where it comes, the most important action that must be taken as soon as hair loss is recognized is to seek a medical evaluation by a hair restoration specialist.

It is critical to arrest the progression of hair loss as soon as possible with proper therapies including Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine or Keranique (minoxidil), and Low Level Laser Therapy ( Capillus272 laser cap ) in appropriate patients.