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“I was losing my MoJo! Thanks to Dr. Lopresti, I have my own permanent hair growing again.”

Mike Adams
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Patient Testimonial Brendan “No Regrets Whatsoever”

Our goal for every patient is success: restoring their hair, and, in the process, their self-esteem.   This is why I am happy to share with you a wonderful letter from our patient Brendan on his hair transplant results.  Thank you Brendan for taking the time to write us!

Dear Dr. Leonard,

Recently I had a follow up visit with you and we discussed the results of the hair transplant procedure I had you do in November of 2013.  It’s been about 2 years and a I want to express my deep satisfaction with your work and let you know that am very happy I made the decision to invest in myself in this way – no regrets whatsoever.

Prior to the procedure, I was completely bald on top.  I had begun losing hair in my very early 20’s.  By the time I was married at 26 I was starting to have a comb over, and went with that for about 10 years until even I found it ridiculous.  One day I had the comb over ‘flap’ cut off and went with the bald is beautiful vibe.  Well it’s certainly beautiful for some people, but I never got used to it, and I certainly didn’t like it.

Given that so much of my hair was gone, I wasn’t sure if the results of the procedure would be worth it.  You assured me it would be a noticeable improvement, but even so you cautioned that I might eventually want a second procedure done.  You told me the truth about the situation, even though it meant I might decide against having the procedure.

When I decided to go for it, you and your team were all very professional, but never clinical or impersonal.  It was all about me.  I was made to feel completely comfortable and that I was doing the right thing all along, and that I shouldn’t feel ashamed in any way about it.  And I don’t!  I’ll tell anybody about it if they ask me, but believe it or not, almost no one has.

At first I thought it was because they were embarrassed about it or thought I wouldn’t want to discuss it.  But now I think they just didn’t notice the change, it was so well done, and so subtle.  I wore a cap to work for a couple of days.  After that I waited a few months and then watched my hair grow.  And grow some more.

No one would mistake me now for a rock star – but when I look in the mirror I see hair on top.  People look in my eyes now, and don’t stare at the top of my head.  It’s fantastic really – and I thank you for all you’ve done and wish you continued success on the amazing mission you’ve taken on.


Brendan S.