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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait After Their Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation will provide definitive and natural looking new hair to those that are looking to restore their hair. It has been almost three months since performing Dr. Leonard’s hair transplantation along his hairline and crown by the ARTAS robotic system. It was a great privilege to perform this procedure on Doc; however, now the true test has begun…the waiting for his new hair to grow!

Dr. Matthew Lopresti

Dr. Matthew Lopresti

Waiting, as a matter of fact, is the most difficult thing to do after transplantation!   Although we provide education and expectations to our patients about the growth process after hair transplantation, we certainly don’t follow them on a daily basis. But, with Doc’s transplant, we can follow the progress very closely. Waiting can be difficult.

It is important to understand that after follicles are harvested and implanted into a thinning or balding area that these initial hairs fall out, for the most part, within two to three weeks. Then, the true waiting begins.

At about three months post-transplantation, new hairs begin to grow as stubble.  They then grow approximately one-quarter inch per month thereafter. By six months, the hairs are about an inch long providing what we call “cosmetic noticeability.” It is at this point that new hairs are long enough to begin to style and to provide coverage.

It is also important to understand that not all of new hairs grow at the same time. This process is not Chia Pet! Believe it or not, each transplanted hair has its own growth timetable. It takes a full 18 months for all of the new hairs to poke their way out of the skin.

The best and worst part of this process is that it is slow.  Best because you don’t look different overnight, but worst because you want your new hair tomorrow!

Three months have passed and finally we are beginning to see results! Now that Doc has undergone transplantation himself, we truly can understand what it is like to be the patient.

Waiting can be difficult, but be encouraged that hairs will and do come! Stay posted for the months to come when Doc continues on toward his journey to the stage of “cosmetic noticeability.”

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Dr. Matthew Lopresti