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Does hair keep your head warm?

We at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates commonly hear from patients that the first sign of hair loss is a new cool or cold feeling they get on their heads in the winter. Actually, people even notice it during the summer when they go into air conditioned places, as well.

A frightening statistic is that, after 50% of a person’s hair has already fallen is when he or she just begins to notice hair thinning. That means hair loss is occurring often for a very long time before it is visibly noticed.

Hair, indeed, is insulating; it holds heat onto the scalp. When it is lost due to androgenetic alopecia (male of female pattern hair loss), people feel the cold in the areas of hair thinning or loss.

So what should you do?  Schedule a complimentary hair loss consultation with Dr. Lopresti or with Dr. Leonard to stop your hair loss from getting worse or to replace it.  Or wear a hat!