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Tom Caron

Dr. Robert Leonard Returns to Anatomy Lab

I graduated from medical school many years ago.  A true right of passage for any first year student is gross anatomy lab where we learned probably more than in any other course.  This is where we are introduced to our cadavers on whom we learned every aspect of the human body.

The first day in anatomy is both exciting and frightening.  After all, we would be dissected that cadaver, a human being who gave of himself or herself to the max in order to help to educate future physicians and surgeons to save lives and to make people well.  It was a yearlong course that I shall remember for the rest of my life!

I recently had opportunity to visit the anatomy lab. After more than thirty years, the sights, sound, and particularly, the smells of the lab came rushing back to me.  With all the advancements in medical education, it still comes down to dissecting the human body in order to learn and to appreciate the complexities and wonders of it.

Not only medical science, but also the entire world owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to these selfless individuals who literally gave of themselves to teach doctor to help their patients.