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“Dr. Lopresti has a tremendous reputation and put my mind at ease throughout the process.”

Wes Welker
12-year NFL Veteran and 5x Pro Bowl Selection

This Year Marks 25 Years for Leonard Hair Transplant Associates!


I don’t know why we always wait until the end of the year to express our thanks and best wishes for all that we have in our lives.  I’m equally thankful on the 19th of May as on the 28th of February as I am today.  However, in keeping with tradition, it’s as good a time as any to tell you how very blessed that I am.  This year marks 25 years since I founded Leonard Hair Transplant Associates!

First and foremost, I am blessed to have a family that loves me and cares for me and who also welcomes my love of them.  I thank God for the good health that all of us have including that of my Team at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, my patients, my colleagues, my friends, and my business associates.

Speaking of “Team Leonard”, I have selected a group of individuals who have been working with me to take great care of our patients over these many years.  I have amassed an incredible group of professionals working in our offices including my terrific assistants in the surgical suite and my front office professionals handling the business of running a busy cosmetic surgical practice. Additionally, I have excellent people handling the hundreds of patient inquiries from all over the world and the public relations and advertising experts who tell the world about what we do every day.

Also this year, my associate, Dr. Matthew Lopresti, has supported me not only in providing care (and hair) to our patients, not only in performing my hair transplant procedure , but allowing me some time to spend with my family and to do other professional and philanthropic endeavors outside of the office-something I’ve been waiting to do for a quarter of a century in practice!  Pictured are University of New England medical students in front of newly built Leonard Hall.

UNE students in front of newly built Leonard Hall.

UNE students in front of newly built Leonard Hall.

I pray that all of you have a blessed Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever holiday you may celebrate during this time of the year.  May your best day in 2014 be your worst day in 2015!!!





Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon

Leonard Hair Transplant Associates