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Mike Adams
Radio Personality

Oh Yes…It’s Hair Shedding Season Again!

Here we are again. It’s mid-summer and the office phone is ringing off the hook with patients (and others) calling about a significant increase in their hair shedding.

It’s the time of year when seasonal hair loss affects very many people.  The good news is that is self-limiting.  It usually lasts from the beginning of July until the end of August–or even up to the second week of September.  Then it subsides and the hair grows in again.  This is not to say that it is not upsetting to those with it, but the passage of time will make it better…

Many patients who are under treatment with Rogaine (or Keranique), Propecia, and/or the Auto A300 Laser Cap can experience this uptick in shedding.  Those patients already on treatment often experience less shedding and for a shorter duration than those who are not.  The timing of the shedding can be slightly altered by a week or so in those properly treating their male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss.

Just wanted to put it out there once again that what you may be experiencing is real and that it is self-limiting.  Effectively treating your hair loss, however, should be started as soon as you notice thinning of your hair.