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“Dr. Leonard is a world class hair transplant surgeon. My procedure was easy and I can't wait to see the results.”

Fred Toucher
98.5 The Sports Hub Radio Host


Your June e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, as well as a big birthday…my 50th! I must say, while many people fear the big 5-0, I’ve never felt better. The past twenty years of treating patients in the New England area have […]

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Proper daily hair care is important.

What I mean by this is doing things that can damage existing hair. We all know that if people are losing hair, every single hair their head is precious to them! What needs to be understood is that proper daily hair care is important. Many […]

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Your April e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

When his hair started thinning, East Providence native Jeff Searle didn’t notice it right away. The process was so gradual that it wasn’t until his 30s that he realized how much hair he had actually lost over the years. However, in the beginning, he wasn’t […]

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Your March e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

In February’s Hairlines email I detailed a few interesting trends to watch in 2009. Only a month has passed since then and LATISSE, a new prescription treatment developed to increase the growth of eyelashes, has become a hot topic in the media! You may have […]

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Connection between baldness and heart disease in men

It looks like winter finally is coming to an end – especially here in Fort Lauderdale where I am delivering a lecture on “Current Trends in Hair Restoration”! I heard of some new, very interesting data about the connection between baldness and heart disease in […]

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Your February e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

With 2009 already upon us, I am excited about the promise of a new year. New innovations and new treatment options are on the horizon for men and women suffering from hair loss. I also find myself looking back on the progress made in hair […]

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