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Kevin Chapman

Proper daily hair care is important.

What I mean by this is doing things that can damage existing hair. We all know that if people are losing hair, every single hair their head is precious to them! What needs to be understood is that proper daily hair care is important. Many young men, for example, do not wash their hair regularly because every time they shampoo, they see lots of hair in the drain. Women are commonly told that they should wash their hair only once a week. This is not correct. The process of shampooing is NOT causing this fall out-genetics is!

If regular shampooing is not done, there is a detrimental effect on the follicles, which will set up for even further hair loss. So, I recommend to nearly all patients (with a few exceptions) that they shampoo every day. This will remove dead cells and debris from the scalp that otherwise would continue to accumulate there.

Shampoos without harsh detergents (surfactants) are the best for the health of your hair. The additions of moisturizers and volumizers as well as copper are all best for your hair health and create a fuller-looking, softer head of hair. Using a conditioner after shampooing helps to repair damaged hair shafts and split ends. You need not apply it tightly to the scalp, just to the lengths of the hair shafts. Contact my office for my recommended hair care line of products.

Be careful, slow, and deliberate when combing out wet hair; likewise, slowly comb out dry hair without creating tangles. When blow drying, try to comb and dry in the direction of growth methodically and without creating the need to pull on your hair, which can cause fracturing and breakage.