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Dr. Matthew Lopresti Shares 5 Tips to Recognize Hair Loss

By the time someone realizes they are losing their hair, half of their hair has already fallen out.  If you recognize hair loss early on, steps can be taken to stop it, ensuring a full head of healthy hair for years to come!

  1. You lose more than 100 hairs every day.  Shedding hair is normal, but if you find more than 100 hairs in your shower drain, on your towel, or in your brush every day, you may have clinical hair loss.
  2. You can see the contour of your skull in the rear view mirror of your vehicle.  Check yourself out in the rear view mirror the next time you slide into the driver’s seat.  If you can see the contour of your head through your hair, you probably have clinical hair loss.
  3. You are trying new hairstyles to find a fuller look.  Have you tried a new style in hopes of finding a fuller look?  People will try just about anything to create the illusion of thicker hair.  If you’ve started to employ some of these tricks, then you might have clinical hair loss.
  4. You are beginning to get sunburns on you scalp.  If you hair is thick enough, it will protect your scalp from the sun.  But, as it thins, your scalp becomes exposed, meaning a sunburn could be a sign of clinical hair loss.
  5. Your family and friends think you are losing your hair.  Your friends and family will often notice your hair loss before you.  Instead of becoming upset, use these observations as motivation to be checked out for clinical hair loss.

I encourage anyone who believes they are losing their hair to consult a medically-trained hair loss specialist.  Now go have a great hair day!

Dr. Matthew Lopresti

Chief Surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates