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"I cannot stress the importance of getting ahead of this before it's too late. I’m so glad that I went to Dr. Lopresti and started the process."

Matt Grzelyck
Boston Bruins Player

Hair Restoration is a Team Sport

In most aspects of life, we do not walk alone.  Whether it is with God, our family members, friends, business associates, or even strangers, we interact with others on a daily basis throughout our days on this Earth. The same is true in running one of the longest-running and successful hair restoration surgical practices in the world, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates (LHTA).

Team Leonard consists of our senior management team whom oversea business operations, employee relations, patient service, and public relations of the practice.  We have our front office personnel who handle daily interactions with our patients in addition to coordinating the clerical aspects of our offices.  My medical and surgical teams work closely with Dr. Lopresti and me to coordinate and to deliver our patient-first and sincere care of our medical and surgical patients.

Since founding LHTA in 1989 in one office with four employees, I find it absolutely incredible that we have grown to the size and breadth it has become today—seven offices and several employees—all working together to provide continued excellent patient care and (usually!) all loving to come to work each and every day!

I cannot state too often that I appreciate my Team and Work Family for doing all that they do for me, for one another and for our patients.

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon