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Common Myths About Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur as a result of many causes, but some notions people have don’t hold up under scrutiny. Our experienced hair restoration surgeons, Dr. Robert Leonard and Dr. Matthew Lopresti, reveal the truth behind some of the misunderstandings associated with this common concern:

Baldness comes from your mother’s side
Lots of patients come to the office confused, saying they thought they would never begin to lose their hair because their mother’s father had full, thick hair his whole life. For better or for worse, you get your genes from both your mother and your father. This mix of genetic material means you can take after either or both sides of the family when it comes to hair loss. In fact, even if both sides of your family have full heads of hair, if there is hair loss somewhere in your family tree, you could end up dealing with it as well.

Baseball caps lead to hair loss
Baseball caps, beanies, cowboy hats, helmets, and other relatively loose-fitting hats will not cause your hair to fall out. On the other hand, if you have longer hair that you wear tied up or wear your hair in tight braids, cornrows, or another taut style, that could potentially lead to follicle damage. If you’re concerned about your hat or hairstyle, Drs. Leonard and Lopresti can provide more specific information and advice suited to your concerns.

Pull out a gray hair and three more will grow
Fortunately, pulling out gray hairs will not lead to multiple gray hairs growing back. This often seems the case because hair gradually loses pigment over time. Gray hair also doesn’t indicate a propensity to lose your hair—these are separate concerns. However, some types of hair dye can be too harsh on follicles leading to damage and breakage. Our medical team can let you know if this may be the case for you during an initial consultation.

You can prevent hair loss
We’re disappointed to report that you cannot prevent hair loss entirely. The good news is that you can stabilize hair loss and restore hair using the latest hair transplant techniques and technology. Natural-looking hair restoration is now possible using both surgical and non-surgical methods. Talk to us today to learn more.